Male birth control pills for the first time successfully passed clinical tests

American scientists reported that they were able to successfully test on volunteers a contraceptive pill for men. According to experts, the tool does not cause problems with the sexual organs, and the only side effects may be the small weight gain and increased cholesterol levels.


As reported, the substance tested by scientists, created on the basis of testosterone and progestrone. His admission leads to a temporary disappearance of sperm, because it suspends the cycle of reproduction of germ cells in the testes. It was developed quite a while ago, but clinical trials it’s only been now.

Experts invited to participate in the study, 100 men, whose age ranged from 18 to 50 years. Some of these people every day during the food were given 100, 200, or 400 milligrams of the drug in the form of capsules powder or liquid, and the part of the participants received a placebo. As it turned out, participants who took the maximum dose of the “real” drug, decreased levels of hormones concerned with sperm production. At the same time, overall, the drug reportedly does not affect the sexual organs. At the same time, its impact experts attribute the increase cholesterol and increase in body mass index of some participants.

On the results obtained, scientists told the annual Congress of the Endocrine society in Chicago.

In some media stating that this is the first case when birth control pills are designed for men, successfully passed clinical trials, although research in this area is conducted by specialists for decades. By the way, last year it was reported about future trials of hormonal gel contraceptive for men, consisting of female and male sex hormones also control the level of testosterone.

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