Naked Panin blew up the Network with the naked woman in the shower

Known for his scandalous antics of a Russian actor Alexey Panin again shocked users of the social network Instagram. The artist has published on the personal page not just the photo, no clothes, and very explicit photos with the girl, which depicted the couple in the shower naked.

Panin with the unknown woman took a selfie, right hand covering her private area. In turn, the mistress of the actor covered his chest.


The picture was on the Network for a short amount of time, however, in addition to more than two thousand likes managed to collect dozens of outraged comments.

So, fans are reminded Panin that he lives with her teenage daughter. The trick of the actor called absolutely unfunny. Some of the followers spoke about him negatively, using offensive language. Users have expressed doubts about the adequacy and level of mental abilities of the artist.

Readers with stronger nervous system, agreed that the publication of these naked pictures is a “bust”. However, surprisingly, there were those who met the Frank post positively. Fans noted that Panin and his companion “deep makes no difference at all”, and they are happy people.

At the moment candid shot removed from the page of the actor. Panin decided to take him out or this decision was made by administrators of the social network remains a mystery.

Several previously Alexey Panin has received a considerable portion of the angry comments for a photo of his trip to the liquor store with her daughter.

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