New Derby of Moscow and St. Petersburg: now the handball

Fans of football and hockey have long been accustomed to the fundamental teams from Moscow and St. Petersburg. It is time for handball fans, who Mar 17, watched the confrontation between the capital’s “Spartacus” and “University of a name Lesgafta-Neva” from St. Petersburg.

The Captain “Spartaka” Dmitry Kovalev. Photo: hc-spartak

Even before the match it was clear: lose points no one is going. Clubs in this season they met twice and both times stronger was the Moscow team. In the standings the red-white held above his rival, in second place, “Neva” was fourth. But despite seemingly leading position of “Spartacus”, to the middle of the first half to catch the opponent had owners.

Swings: in front of the Muscovites, Petersburgers, and now im on the last attack failed to reduce the gap to one goal. Bright game, and 27:26 — the victory of “Spartacus”.

I’m afraid to assume how they would have behaved fans in the football stadium after this dramatic match. But in handball everything is civilized. After the screen brought the broadcast of the match “Rubin” — “Spartak”. On the chances of the team Carrera remaining in the arena a few hundred fans screamed loudly.

With “Neva” travel checked the fans. “A “Spartacus” are normal, for us it is not important match. We are realists and understand that the Muscovites are a stronger team,” remarked one of the guys. From the opposite rostrum, came: “Forward, “Spartak”.

Opinions of coaches on this score went.

“Rival from St. Petersburg, but it is not “Zenit”. Enmity — like in football, no. Just a calendar game, which gave the opportunity of one of the teams to take two points. Although I would say that the boys fought rather for the surroundings, which attracts the audience”, — said the chief coach of “Spartak” Vasily Filippov. Although his colleague from the “Neva” Dmitry Torgovanov said, “For us all games are fundamental. We fought for points”.

Controversial was the approach to the conduct of handball matches at such great venues as silovsky. Unfortunately, while the super League fails to increase traffic to the level of the hockey team, but with each match, the audience becomes more and more. Perhaps due to the entertainment programme.

And yet Torgovanov upset: “I am Surprised that few people came”. Filippov did not agree: “I Think there were enough spectators. Especially for the championship of Russia. I’m happy.”

Talked to the coaches and the prospects of the teams. It was possible to assume that the “Neva” will fight for the third place in the super League, but it was enough to clarify. The head coach of Petersburgers doubts were dispelled: “If I say I want to take eighth place, will you?” Of course, do not believe it, Dmitri.

Spartak does have a chance to finish the regular season in first place. The gap from “Chekhovian bears” minimal, just one point. But ahead of the game with a formidable suburban team. “Some players are injured, it is a problem, but I think that “Spartak” was stronger compared with the January game against the Bears (then the teams played to a draw. — “MK”), “shared Philip.

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