Skier Aleksandr Bolshunov: “Plans? To run away from you”

In the record of the skier Alexander Bolshunova, four-time medalist of the Olympic games, is now the gold of the world Cup. Swedish Falun, race on 15 km classical style: Alexander the first! Says – did what I had to. Now the youngest winner of the world Cup, 200 days ahead of Sergei Ustyugov and 54 days younger Michael Devyatyarova.

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At the Olympic games after another medal he had already begun to ask questions like this: you’re one of the heroes of the Pyeongchang… And he quickly responded: what I’m a hero, not a hero I! Was actually embarrassed. But the time to support fellow leosha Chervotkin, valorises in the relay at 200 percent, the awkward shifting in front of reporters: sorry, of course… (which was not able because of illness to keep the advantage at a distance). But Bolshunov immediately, happened to hear: nothing sorry! And quick step away. No one, however, escapes this and was not surprised: “do Not like publicity, do not like attention to attract.”

And here, of course, Sasha himself “dug ourselves a hole.” As not to attract attention when broke in the kid, actually, 21 years, into the adult world skiers as big. It’s his first season in the world elite. And before that two races at the world Championships last year but sprint in the spring on one of the stages of the world Cup. However, now he will be called Alexander the Great! So it is not even already in FISS dubbed.

Gold was selected Sasha the entire season. Five times before the Olympic games became the third. Have forced to speak about itself from the first race. If something now and regret – after all, appetites are growing along with the medals, so that failed to get gold in Pyeongchang. Although it was so close that not even a foot file, but just not to blink followed. But this comes with experience – don’t miss your moment of victory. And the experience immediately begins to catch up with and luck.

After Pyeongchang, which means that even after awards and exhausting celebrations on the world Cup stage in Lahti Bolshunov won silver in the individual race at 15 km, bronze in the sprint. Falun same long-awaited get rich!

But not even the medal itself has pleased many experts. And then, as Alexander had to “deal” with rivals and a distance. How could think about tactics. President FLGR Elena Vyalbe call this tactic competent and experienced. And do not forget to note the success Bolshunova the role of Alex Chervotkina – “did not give anyone the rest, all the while the lane ahead, and those who are tired, are unable to cling to the finishing spurt”.

So they went to gold: Chervotkin that has no such trump card as Bolshunova, in the form of a powerful finish, created confusion in the group of leaders, and Sasha was in control, the Swede Halvarsson went ahead, but Bolshunov has posted the track trump. The impatience with which he waited for this race after a bad sprint in Falun is lost in the semifinals, played good, and not forced to make a mistake.

“To be honest, been waiting for this start and was counting the hours. Really wanted immediately after the sprint out and run the 15 miles to wait. But still waited and did what had to do.”

Four Olympic medals – three silver and a bronze, Alexander became the first Russian skier who managed to win four medals at one Games – awarded Bolshunova starting wisdom. And, it seems, all wisdom. Still there, in Pyeongchang, he said he did not want to think, but sure of one thing: “I have now with the age when it is necessary to show result.” And he couldn’t resist, once again hinted on his attitude to popularity: “the Next plans? To run away from you.”

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