The latest work of Stephen Hawking was devoted to the multiverse and the end of the world

In the digital library of preprints at Cornell University was published the last work of British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. In it a scientist appeals to the multiverse hypothesis, according to which the universe known to us, is just one of many worlds with different constants and physical laws.

photo: AP

Stephen Hawking and his colleague Thomas Hertog suggested the assumption that indirectly prove the existence of many “parallel worlds” could study the relic radiation uniformly fills the Universe thermal radiation, presumably occurred in the era of primary recombination of hydrogen. This scientist proposed to use a spacecraft with special detectors.

As reported by a number of media, such theory, in particular, implies that once the stars in the Universe will run out of energy, after which it will cease to exist. It should be noted that this assumption is not supported by all physics.

Stephen Hawking died at 77 year of life March 14, 2018. As a scientist, he was primarily known for his contributions to the theory of black holes — he suggested that those able to “evaporate”, emitting particles at a quantum level. Subsequently, this process was called “Hawking radiation” in honor of its discoverer. The respect of many people was the fact that Stephen Hawking has continued to engage with science and its popularization, also led as possible, active lives in many other aspects, despite the paralysis caused by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

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