The scientists said, who most often brings women to orgasm

Lesbians have sex less often women traditional sexual orientation, however, reach orgasm almost an order of magnitude more often. This was told by Kristen Jaskowski, representing the University of Arkansas. According to him, these are the results of a recent survey conducted by her and her colleagues.


The experts interviewed more than two thousand women aged 18 to 65 years. As it turned out, the fair sex had sex, on average, 16 times per month, but only seven times partners brought them to orgasm. At the same time, lesbian when you are less active intimate life had an orgasm 55 times per month. The probability for each act of intercourse the two women were about a third higher than in the case that the woman had sex with the opposite sex.

Also publication the Sun reports that only one in three women traditional sexual orientation has an orgasm every time having sex. At the same time, among heterosexual men orgasm during every sexual contact reach 75 percent.

Another expert, Rebecca Dakine explains the results obtained by the fact that during sexual intercourse men and women for maximum pleasure / she should devote at least 45 minutes prior to foreplay, however, not every heterosexual man restrains his impulses for so long. In addition, sexual contact between women declared more diverse.

Previously the British newspaper Daily Mail reported on a rather unusual strategy that increases the probability that a woman orgasm during sex with a man will — allegedly for her during intercourse to remain in the socks. before the British sexologist Nichi Hodgson said that often in fully to the pleasure of sex interfere with the internal prohibitions, laid too conservative environment, and sometimes lingering on a subconscious level. The specialist also urged women not to hesitate to engage in self-gratification, to study the reactions of his own body, and to discuss their feelings with a partner.

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