A mysterious attack in the subway: silver-haired sadist wounded guard

The reasons for passengers of the Moscow subway attack with a knife on a security guard after he was asked to show the contents of the backpack out law enforcement. Police seized the villain in hot pursuit.

A frame from the video.

As we found out “MK”, the attack took place around 18 March at about 21: 00 at the metro station “proletarian”. The security officer of the metro’s 47-year-old Sergey has noticed that during the passage of the passenger frame of the metal detector indicator. In addition, the man was behind a backpack, and the guard tried to stop passing the turnstiles the stranger.

In response to a request to check a bag, the passenger pulled out a knife and stabbed the guard in the neck. The assailant attempted to inflict several blows and then went into town and disappeared. Doctors hospitalized Sergei in sklif. Doctors diagnosed the man deep penetrating stab wound and the same evening mend it. As told to the police by the victim, by the way, the former Copower with 20 years of experience, during the time from the attack to the pursuit of a cold-blooded villain did not utter a word.

He had a stony expression. And indeed it is very strange looked — tall, with long gray hair, in camouflage with a portfolio. He in one motion drew from his pocket a knife and stabbed me in the neck. However, he grabbed me with his free hand over the hood and continued to beat, but I managed to Dodge, – transferred words of Sergei police.

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“Inadequate passenger attacked with a knife on a security guard in the subway”


After the attack, the police in hot pursuit, hunted down the attacker. They found 44-year-old Muscovite Alexander. At about midnight the operatives caught him in the apartment of one of houses on 1st Dubrovskaya street.

As has told a source in law enforcement bodies, in the dwelling where they were caught, the man home to his mother, sister and her two children. March 18 was the birthday of his niece, and he to night to visit family. The feast has not done without a drink, and after the holiday, Alexander went to his home. Psle clashes with the security guard in the underground, he quietly returned to his mother. When the doorbell rang operatives, voices in the home have fallen silent and the guards had not been opened. However, the police broke down the door and detained Alexander.

How to tell the relatives of the detainee, Alexander on the account in PND never was. Male more than a year did not work, but before that, worked as a system administrator in one of the universities and as an accountant in a real estate office.

It is generally not like him. Sasha has never been an aggressive person. Attack the guard — what was he, stupid? The day before at table, he drank vodka and whiskey, but not much on par with everyone. After the feast he went home, but returned. Sasha opened the door with his key when we were all asleep.

On this fact militiamen carry out an inspection. Police investigate the reasons for the attack of the passenger and checking all the versions, including the involvement of Alexander prohibited in Russia organizations. Solves a question on excitation of criminal case.

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