Drivers are asked to consent to organ recovery: the peculiarities of post-mortem organ donation

Under Russian law, each of us who wants to become an organ donor after death, have somehow let. But how is not entirely clear. Experts propose to include these in the questionnaire when issuing a driver’s license.


For several years already in our country waiting in the wings a new bill on organ donation and transplantation. Today, experts say, he has entered the final stage utryasaniya parts and is about to be submitted to the state Duma for consideration by the deputies. The document will, in particular, to regulate the question of the intent of the Russians about post-mortem organ donation.

The experts of the Fund independent monitoring of health services and the protection of human health “Health” think about whether you agree on the posthumous donation or not, it is possible to write in the questionnaires when issuing or renewing a driver’s license. Such measures, noted in the Fund will be able to push those who want to commit such an act of humanity, to an active will.

The situation with post-mortem donation is very heavy. The number of ongoing in-country transplants five times less than their required. According to recently announced the latest data, every year patients is required about 10 thousand organs for transplant, however, runs only 1.5 thousand transactions. “The shortage of voluntary donors is one of the most acute problems of domestic medicine. Acting for a quarter of a century in Russia, the law on transplantation not reglamentary questions of in vivo expression of the citizens about their agreement or disagreement on the posthumous removal of organs, and the new document addresses this gap,” – said the head of the Foundation “Health” Eduard Gavrilov.

The developers of the document have said that with the new law in the country will be able to create a register of declarations of intent. And yet, there are many foreign studies that prove that even those people who do not mind to donate his organs after death and speak about it on every corner, not doing anything in order to commit such an act in practice. That is, no documents to sign, which complicates the work of doctors. “I think it’s reasonable to include the question of agreement or disagreement of the citizen in the post-mortem donation in the questionnaire when issuing or renewing his driver’s license. This practice is already implemented in the world and has borne fruit,” – said Gavrilov.

In some countries there is a practice to record such decisions in the passports, however, that we are hardly ready.

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