Drunk man barged in with an axe in Moscow school

Police arrested a man who staged a riot in the school building No. 947 in the area of East Biryulyovo.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

As told “MK” in the Metropolitan police “a man came to one of the buildings of educational institutions, with the external signs of intoxication and while in the aggressive mood. He damaged the furniture, which belongs to the school. From his actions, fortunately, nobody suffered”.

The police said that arrived on the scene and detained the brawler. He was taken to the territorial division for trial. Now working with the police, and he gives an explanation about his action. Are the causes and motives antics.

A police spokesman said that during the riot used the means at hand. According to “MK”, the incident occurred in the school 947. Children in school already practically does not remain. According to one version, a man armed with an ax, thus complained that his child is not in school.

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