“Medvedev signed a decree on preferential loans for the purchase of wooden houses

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a government resolution on subsidizing of loans for the purchase of wooden houses.

“Well, another subject – it is important both in economic and in social terms. She has the attitude to improving the living conditions of our citizens,” he said during the meeting with Deputy Prime Ministers.

Medvedev noted that many families would like to live in their own homes, which are built of modern ecological materials. However, this is a serious purchase that requires significant resources. In this regard, the government has decided to use the experience of preferential car loan program, expanding it to the wooden construction.

“I signed a government decree on subsidies this year, interest rates on loans for the purchase of wooden houses of factory manufacturing, that is, the standard houses”, – said the Prime Minister.

According to him, this means that actually for a buyer in 2018, the credit rate decreases by five percentage points.

In turn, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin said that the signed document solves two problems at once. On the one hand, this stimulation is of wooden construction and deep processing of wood. On the other hand, we are talking about social issues.

According to Khloponin, today in the banks for a loan in the wooden house rate is 15%. So now you will be able to take a loan at an interest rate of 10%. The budget for these purposes in the current year laid 197 million rubles, which should allow you to purchase about 2.5 thousand houses.

The maximum loan amount is 3.5 million rubles, the loan may be granted for home purchases from businesses with a minimum turnover of not less than 200 million roubles. As noted by Deputy Prime Minister, about a house with an area of 100-130 square meters frame type will cost about $ 2.5 million. According to Khloponin, the measure is foreseen for 2018, and then the Ministry prepares the decision, if the project is in 2018, will go quite well, then will extend the program to 2019-2021 years.

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