Schools coming revolution: transition to system “the Stream”

To replace the unified training programs have come profiles chosen by students, and lessons are increasingly taking shape. But, as it turned out at the Educational forum on March 19, only a beginning. The capital programme of education development up to 2025 will cancel the usual lessons, replacing them with optional modules of the students, including outside schools. And marks for extra-curricular activities will be placed in classroom magazines and journals.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The list of new educational trends in our school, most experts start with the individualization of education. The volume of the studied material, noted teacher of social studies school “the Pokrovsky quarter,” Mikhail Mitin, and really grew to cover the entire child. So the only way is the choice of specialization.

Is often marked and the transformation of teachers from the once primary transmitter of knowledge in the Navigator the search and critical evaluation of the information you need on the Internet. The same applies to school textbooks, aging eyes. And in parallel changing the format of teaching: it is the shift to psychophysical characteristics of the adolescent including the expansion of game-based learning (as examples of educational battles or cartoon version of learning new material, about which already wrote “MK”). However, major, truly revolutionary innovations, as it turned out, ahead.

Right now the capital teachers make up the programme of education development up to 2025. It will form the basis of this “quiet” revolution.

First of all, will disappear of class-lesson system of the German model, which came into the Russian system of education over 200 years ago and since then completely dominating it. It will replace the system of “FLOW”, suggesting a personalized education path for each student. Both individual courses and larger training modules will be the first to choose not only their own school but also in any other places. For example in universities. Meanwhile, another new system — “GROWTH” — will allow to read these extracurricular achievements in their school by turning them into the usual school grades.

In practice, this means that the local education system is preparing for a revolution. Our school still loses the monopoly on the assessment of students ‘ knowledge and will continue to share it with the whole urban environment. In practice, this will look like. Doing, say, a child in sportsektsii, passed the norms on the icon TRP — and received this in class journal is an “a” in physical education. Same with the victory in the final of the Olympics, for example, in history. Or successful participation in the scientific conference on biology, where he was sent from the science club on the subject. In short, the educational outcomes of each child will work the whole city — kind of arbuscula.

However, the path to future achievement significantly clutter present obstacles. For example, insufficient technical equipment of schools, especially in the provinces (as it turned out, even in the current, 2018 to the Internet promises to connect 90% of the domestic schools). Or sverhsekretnoj teachers, no time for quality training. However, the main obstacle may be the lack of the tutor Institute, without which the individualization of instruction of children is simply unthinkable.

That is, the tutor helps the student to learn independently and in particular facilitates the choice of own educational programmes. Meanwhile, in the domestic mass school Tutors as there was no and no. Or worse: “the Word “tutor” appeared, but it is rather imitation — said “MK” master of pedagogy, Moscow pedagogical state University, a tutor with 10 years of experience Yulia Izotova. We have a lot of what education should be, but in fact not. A teacher in a typical high school also are not eager to voluntarily give his place to tutor. In General, any systemic changes in education are very difficult.”

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