Solve the mystery of the origin of the first interstellar asteroid

A team of astronomers representing the University of Toronto, came to the conclusion that the asteroid 1I/Omwamwi most likely originated in the orbit of a double star. This could explain how he left the planetary system, which was formed and began an interstellar object.


Asteroid 1I/Omwamwi is the first and currently the only known object in the Solar system, which came from the outside. While so far it was assumed that interstellar space is much more likely the comet that made the nature of the asteroid even more mysterious. In the new study experts have suggested that the presence of multiple stars in the planetary system could serve to explain such a “mismatch”.

A computer model prepared by the experts showed that in double and triple star systems, asteroids do have an order of magnitude greater chance of being “thrown” into deep space. Moreover, the researchers came to the conclusion that three quarters of all the interstellar objects, most likely in the past left it was a double system.

By the way, the original space object Omwamwi, had not yet received this name, scientists have found a comet, although in the course of further observations pretty quickly convinced that it is a asteroid. It is assumed that these are not destroyed during interstellar flights to the asteroid allowed covering the layer of organic matter.

Last month, scientists answered the question of another “biographies” of the asteroid prior to its appearance in sight of earth telescopes. An international group of researchers has suggested that several billion years ago 1I/Omwamwi collided with another celestial body, which he still rotates quite unusual, and will fly again “exactly” at least a billion years.

The first interstellar asteroid so interested scientists that some of them even seriously suggested that it might be a spacecraft created by aliens — however, to confirm this assumption has not yet succeeded. At the same time, some experts admit that interstellar space objects is not as rare as it may seem, and annually through the Solar system, flying tens of millions of such celestial bodies, while to detect to date, was only one of them.

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