The ghosts of the past: the suspect in the destruction of MH17 pilot was killed PTSD

In Nikolaev killed himself the head of the local airport and a former combat pilot 299 brigade tactical aviation of Ukraine Vladislav Voloshin. International fame 29-year-old man received in 2015, when Russia’s Investigative Committee suspected him of destruction in the sky over the Donbass Boeing MH17. As a result of the tragedy killed 298 people. “MK” has found out, that could push the pilot to suicide.

Photo: administration of the President of Ukraine.

The Director of the air Harbor was shot from a Makarov pistol without license plates in his own apartment. Family members called an Ambulance, but Voloshin died on the way to the hospital. The head of the Nikolaev airport left behind a widow and infant son and daughter.

In recent years a significant role in the life of a professional pilot played the crash of MH-17. As you know, immediately after the crash, the Russian media began to spread the words of a Spaniard, josé Carlos, who argued that at this point he worked as a dispatcher in Kiev’s Borispol airport and I am sure that the aircraft destroyed a Ukrainian attack. Even after some time, Russian investigators conducted questioning of Ukrainian Eugene Agapov, who said he was a mechanic in the air force of Ukraine and knows that the pilot of the ill-fated su-25 is sitting Voloshin.

In 2014, Voloshin made 33 sorties in the Donbas. During this time, the armed forces of DNR and LNR destroyed four su-24. Witnesses said that some colleagues Voloshin refused to fly because they were afraid to be shot down, but he always offered one of the first. In particular, he participated in the breakthrough attempt of “Ilovaisky boiler”.. one of his bomber was shot down, but the pilot managed to eject and with a severe wound to avoid prosecution. According to colleagues Voloshin from 299th tactical aviation brigade, he was a very impressionable person. After his dismissal from the air force, he repeatedly denounced the army for corruption, disregard for the military, starvation wages, and so on.

After Voloshin left the air force, he headed the airport, but the murder of nearly 300 people, apparently, still oppressed him. Voloshin was trying to clear his reputation. In particular, shortly before his death, friends published on his page in Facebook a few links to articles in foreign journals, which says that previous convictions for fraud Carlos for 48 thousand dollars, made false statements to the media.

However, weighed Voloshin not only the prosecution of mass murder, but also problems at work. Mykolaiv international airport is a very difficult from a financial point of view to repair. His staff on condition of anonymity, reported that more than 20 million hryvnia (about 760 thousand dollars) air Harbor needs for the work already done. Another contractor has fulfilled most of the electrical work and waited for what he would pay 60 million hryvnia (about $ 2.3 million). But the regional authorities ordered Voloshin to give us only 10 million (about 380 thousand dollars). That is, in fact, cheat the contractors.

At the end of February 2018 chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoliy Matios said that since the beginning of the war in the Donbass took his own life 518 combat veterans. He stressed that in February 2017 in the regions of the country stopped all activities on psychological rehabilitation of ATO participants. It is not excluded that from-for indifference of Kiev this sad list and added Vladislav Voloshin.

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