Two deaths in the circus: the expert explained why breaking acrobats

Two life of circus trapeze artists was tragically cut short these days. Artist “Circus Mstislava zapashnogo” Anton Martynov, plucked from a height during a speech in Elista February 24, died Monday, March 19, during transportation in Rostov-on-don. And acrobats “Cirque du Soleil” Yann Arnaud fell to his death during a speech at the American Florida.


38-year-old Arno, with more than 15 years of experience in the Cirque du Soleil came out of the ring while the rooms on a rolling belt and collapsed on stage from a height of six meters. The performance was halted, the actor was taken to the hospital, but from the received traumas he has died. According to preliminary data, his hand slipped off the ring, for which he was held, completing the room.

Anton Martynov also fell six metres height and got a head injury and multiple fractures. In the circus say that the cause of the tragedy was a loose carabiner — the artists themselves prepare and fix your gear, not trusting it to any of the other employees.

Accidents under the big top happen with a sad regularity. About why they can’t be prevented with a reliable insurance, we were told one of the employees of the circus on Vernadsky Prospekt.

“Aerialists are divided on the performances, and rehearsals. Often with a fatal outcome. This can happen even in the performance numbers, executable by a long and carefully crafted. Very often, aerialists work without a net, for example, in the case of paired rooms insurance cable holding artists waist — stopping stunts. It is the kind of genre — it is done without insurance. And Anton Martynov, and Yann Arnaud broke down when speaking in twin rooms.

But in General, many of the rooms in the circus is built on danger. If the bottom will always be a safety net, the speech loses its urgency — because a lot of people that go to the circus, they want to see how the artists are risking their lives.

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