Alla Pugacheva: “I am an old sick woman”

“Three happy days”, “Return”, “Bird singing,” “the Photographer” – these and many other hits for Alla Pugacheva was written by the poet-songwriter Ilya Reznik. Therefore, the Diva not only could not refuse his request to speak at the anniversary concert on the stage of the Kremlin, and the only was listed in the playbill. And the name of the singer were recruited huge size, almost exceeding the name of the hero of the occasion.

Before the concert Alla Pugacheva readily communicated to a narrow circle of journalists.

Ilya is my best years, the best that was sung of me, – admitted Joe. – He’s my brother. We may quarrel, to separate, not to communicate, but all this just cements our relationship. And of course, I had to be with him in his birthday.

And for the occasion the singer even missed the debut of her younger daughter Lisa to the fashion runway. “It’s a pity, because if I knew that the concert would be so long (and he lasted exactly five hours, and the performance of the prima Donna standing in the end. ed), then surely it would have gone to see like a daughter to Shine on the show of Valentin Yudashkin and presents his collection “Moscow winter”. Fortunately there nearby in Gostiny Dvor.

– Alla Borisovna, on the General opinion of those who on the show was Lisa in a dress from Yudashkin seemed like a real bride. Maybe we should get her in that outfit appear at a future wedding?

Who? My? I have enough already. And Lisa well done on the podium as house itself felt.

Maybe she can link her life with the modeling business?

Is hard work. But I don’t know anything. How life will turn, the way it is. I don’t think about the future – look no further tonight. But the past does not live. Sometimes just before falling asleep I remember as a child ran on the field with cornflowers, and these thoughts fall asleep easily.

– How would you react, talk to someone like “aunt Hello”?

– No, it’s ugly. But “Alla” I also do not really like. Better just: grandmother Alla.

– What are you, grandma? You any young will give a head start!

photo: Ivan Popelnyukhov

– I was a sick old woman, and it is a fact of life. But young, as you know, we all the way, old people everywhere we honor. Keep this in mind.

Today what advice can you give to those who are just starting to take the first steps on the stage, in other areas?

– It is necessary to work and to love people. Not to shade. And remember that you’re a star in your field.

– What you need to do to get invited to you?

– Don’t even try!

Maxim is jealous?

– Not-e-et, God forbid! Just my house -my fortress. It is open only for their own, for a very narrow circle. Know, what we need to live? To find their and calm down. I found.

Thank you for what you never offended by the journalists for all the stories that they write about you!

– I just have not read. Sometimes something send to me. But the other day decided to answer all the spiteful critics. I told about what I write – well, I’m a grandmother, old woman, and my feet are arthritic, and I’m so – and-so. And I confirmed it all, told the truth. So no one thought of it.

photo: Ivan Popelnyukhov

Pugacheva on his page in the social network wrote: “good People. I’m getting old and quite sharply. The body fails. I find it hard to breathe, hard to walk, but I’m still alive and must live for the sake of young children. Wish you happiness and long life. Not star longer no soul, no body. Send your venom and anger to fight the challenges in life more important than my ageing and infirmity. I’m still in the last days of his life will think about children and about you, their applause made my life rich and beautiful. Hear me now and understand at one time. Live more”.

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