Chaplin announced the closure of the “project Cyril” decided to “cover” face

Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin has again predicted the demise of the reign of Patriarch Kirill. At least, according to a former employee of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Primate will no longer be any meaningful figure. Chaplin announces the “resignation” of his former boss for the third year, since the argument with him and the subsequent dismissal. But now the Archpriest reinforces my assumption relevant agenda after the elections must begin the change.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

“We hope that during the prayer service before the inauguration will be uttered critical guidance about how to return to the work of the authorities present morality and how to solve many crucial problems,” writes Chaplin in the social network.

However, he indicates that in fact the Church had not engaged in anything worthwhile: “In recent months, nor the Synod, the Supreme Church Council did not take any document of public interest issues.” The same, according to Celina concerns and of the Council of bishops, who only is allowed “that banned Christ and the canonical rules” (speech, apparently, goes about re-wedding for debunked – it is now possible to three times. In the second round, for example, went Alla Pugacheva with her husband Maxim Galkin, even though the diva is married with former husband Philip Kirkorov).

“Project “the Patriarch” essentially closed – at least as a project of public importance, is able to assemble a team of co-workers, not servants” – concludes Chaplin.

Further, the post should not fully understood: whether it is meditation, whether the priest knows something…

“The closure of the project occurred not least through the efforts of the “title” of the person. It is as if we have achieved all that I wanted – but it is not added. On the contrary, rather, multiplied sorrow – continue of sorrow, alas, there will be more,” writes Chaplin.

He admits he voted in the elections for the other person but “ready” to join the greetings of Patriarch Kirill and Vladimir Putin in connection with his victory in the elections. The head of the ROC, recall, wished the President: “God bless You” and “Many good years”.

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