Father Litvinenko, embracing the meadow, called the killer son

On Tuesday in the First channel went transmission “Let them talk”, which invited the Walter Litvinenko – the father of the killed in 2006 in the UK former employee of the Russian special services of Alexander Litvinenko. He made a sensational statement about who was behind this murder, and embraced the former employee of bodies of state security of Russia, politician and businessman Andrei Lugovoi, whom the British suspected of poisoning Litvinenko with polonium.

Walter Litvinenko. Frame one of the shows on the channel “Russia 1”.

As soon as Walter Litvinenko appeared in the Studio, he immediately went to the Andrei Lugovoi and hugged him.

Then he said that his son was killed by Alex Goldfarb, a man of “inner circle” of fugitive oligarch Boris Berezovsky.

Walter reported that Goldfarb helped his son to move from Turkey to the UK. He also noted that while in London the Minister of culture and Deputy Prime Minister of breakaway Chechnya, field commander Akhmed Zakayev, called Goldfarb CIA.

Interesting it seems and the statement of Walter Litvinenko, that the son was poisoned a few times and last time in the hospital, where, according to him, could get anyone. Walter says that at first my son was diagnosed with “food poisoning”, then this diagnosis was changed to thallium poisoning and then said about the poisoning with polonium-210.

During transfer it was also announced that the then interior Minister of great Britain was the current Prime Minister Theresa may and that she coded the Litvinenko case.

Present at the shooting of the journalist Andrey Karaulov, in turn, wrote in Facebook that “no one in the world, no CNN, no BBC, no one will ask the First channel the right to show an interview with the father of Litvinenko. We all opened their mouths. Even Dima Borisov. He didn’t expect such recognition.”

The guard added that the father of Litvinenko, contrary to all legal norms and laws, and has not been admitted as a victim to the news about the death of his son.

The guard also made the assumption that if Walter Litvinenko made this confession three weeks ago, “Skripal would be alive.”

In addition, the guard has put forward the version that the whole story with the Skripal and his daughter need Americans who are prepared to bomb Assad and they want Putin in the eyes of the international community was Saddam Hussein.

“It seems that few people understand, on any side we stand,” added the guard.

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