Golden mask: Naiad the fisherman, and the snow Queen on the mammoth

Advanced mask experts from the ballet “the Naiad and the fisherman” and “the snow Queen” shown on the New stage of the Bolshoi theatre of Yekaterinburg theatre of Opera and ballet, presented as a classic nineteenth-century and contemporary choreography. For the classics answered the ballet “the Naiad and the fisherman”, was staged in 1843, the famous choreographer Jules Perrot. For the present — “the snow Queen” ballet repeated laureate of “Golden mask”, the artistic Director of Ekaterinburg ballet theatre Vyacheslav Samodurov.

The ballet “the Naiad and the fisherman”. Photo: “Golden mask”.

“Naiad and the fisherman” is the first collaborative work of Jules Perrot with the composer Cesare Pugni, in collaboration with whom later famous choreographer has created more than 30 ballets (the most famous “Esmeralda”). At the premiere in London with Fanny Cerrito in the title role of the ballet, however, had a slightly different title — “Undine, or Naiad”, and sent to the fairy tale are Friedrich de La Motte Fouque “Undine”. The double name is explained simply: the Naiad in Greek mythology, nymphs of rivers and streams, often in the nineteenth century, was confused with the fictional, apparently the medieval alchemist Paracelsus, an Undine is a fantastic creatures resembling beautiful women with fish tails, something similar to the Slavic Rusalka.

In Russia the ballet Perrault moved 8 years later, when he was ballet master of the Bolshoi theatre. A new version was put on Carlotta grisi, the famous Muse of the choreographer, the first performer of Giselle, which toured at that time in Russia. Then, the ballet of fancy in the age of romanticism the theme of the rivalry between magic (Naiad) and the earth (Giannina, the bride of the fisherman Matteo) heroines and got familiar to us now the name, however, somewhat transformed (from kestikartano he became a three-act), has acquired new staging, dancing and changed the ending: not able to resist the love beautiful Naiads fisherman threw her into the water, and not married the earth beautiful as it was in the London version.

Subsequently, the ballet has also been edited, and in 1892, the program Perrault was resumed by Marius Petipa. In 1903, the ballet (with Anna Pavlova in the role of the Naiads) reappears on the scene but instead of Marius Petipa engaged in the production of his latest (and unfulfilled) ballet “romance of the rose Bud”, “the Mollusk” puts his assistant Alexander Shiryaev. Puts supervised by Petipa and restoring the tableau and pantomime Maestro, but, in his own words, almost from scratch, though, based on old choreography, writes in her dancing.

This old edition, but rather a Suite from it, and restored on the stage of the Yekaterinburg theater for one of the best and meticulous restorers antique modern choreography Yuri Burlaka (nominated for the best work of choreographer-choreographer). Get a pretty piece, transmitting a naive charm of antiquity and the spirit of the age (the exceptions were the men’s variations are clearly equipped to cheer up the viewer with modern technology).

The ballet “the Naiad and the fisherman”. Photo: “Golden mask”.

Nominated for the category of dancers (for best actress (Gianina) — Ekaterina Sapogova, men’s (Matteo) — Alexander Merkushev) coped with their parties, the best way passing the style and period of the ballet, and everything came together perfectly for the Yekaterinburg theater for, if not for an unprecedented number of falls during the performance: first, performing his variation, entangled in the pack, fell nominee Ekaterina Sapogova, then four hands touched the stage with another dancer — Igor Bulacan (Antonio). Probably affected the excitement and the unusual for dancers of Ekaterinburg the slope of the Bolshoi theatre.

And after the fall of the ballerina’s artistic Director Vyacheslav Samodurov accepted if not unprecedented, in any case (for example, did Rudolf Nureyev) is a rare solution is stopped during the operation of conductor (nominee of masks Alexei Bogorad) and asked to wayward ballerina to perform your variation again.

In “the Snow Queen”, the second ballet of the Yekaterinburg theater, these mistakes were not, and he was very successful. Ballet lays claim to six nominations. In addition to the basic (the best performance) and four private (the best work of the choreographer, conductor of the (Pavel Klinichev), dancers (Miki, Nishiguchi), dancer (Andrey Veshkurtsev) performance and nominated in the category “composer”. Artem Vasiliev ordered by the Bolshoi theatre specially for this ballet, composed music, and this is done very rarely.

Not nominated was only a production designer Eric Belousov and costume designer Irena Belousova. And it is a shame, because the costume is one of the most important, original and colorful part of the production. With Samodurova fashionable Moscow designer collaborates for the first time. It was invented trendy tutu for his “Svetotehnika”, dresses with prints from the paintings of Renaissance artists in “Romeo and Juliet”. And in “Snow Queen” from belousovskaya flowers and birds, as if descended from the stage of the Moulin Rouge, from citizens in the puppet wigs and knitted sweaters with a reindeer, encased in a plaster cast (one arm, one leg) and robbers with their stylish atamansha, from snowflakes with transparent white veils, tied a fancy knot on the head and in a deliberately asymmetric bursts, the Snow Queen in a long wedding veil, from plush Troll with trunks like those of elephants, especially cute Little Troll very reminiscent of Gollum from Lord of the rings the delight comes not only children but also adults.

Ballet “the snow Queen”. Photo: “Golden mask”.

And Eric Belousov with his “Scandinavian minimalism”, trees, as if constructed of boards or the same constructed of a mammoth, on which the stage travels to the snow Queen, with its house of Kai and Gerda, table and chairs, as if bought in “IKEA”, has become an important concept of the play: the Kingdom of the Snow Queen is a journey into the depths of your own world, that is the same house of Kai and Gerda, only draped in white covers and bedcovers, as if the owners left it for a long time.

He positioned tyrants “the Snow Queen” as a play, but the ballet will be actively demanded and adult audience, because the choreographer should have taken care of several levels of perception of his tales: colorful, as if the world of dolls for children, significant philosophical concepts — for adults.

And what is especially important for the choreographer, who made his name on the writing plotless odnakovo, on the other hand, often blame the absence of strong directing component in his ballets the development of the performance this time was clear, that actually is not strange, since we are talking about children’s ballet.

On the contrary, quite sophisticated choreographer develops choreography for his ballets, “the Snow Queen such quality is not demonstrated. A large part of the first action choreography in General is not spoiled, and only concluding this branch of the colorful Grand pas created by all the canons of classical dance (entrée, Adagio, variations and Coda), as well as the final for “the Snow Queen” miss the main characters (Kai, Gerda, the crows, birds, Starling, and even Grandmothers) here pleasing to the eye.

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