In Suzdal multipliers opened “Cheburechnuju” and dumplings “half cat”

In Suzdal ended on 23-th Open festival of animated film, which attracts masters and young shoots – sometimes unannounced, on their own initiative, spending the night in the lobby of the hotel, which housed the official guests. And that is a good indication that it’s worthwhile.

Alexei Turkus – President of the multipliers. Photo courtesy of the press service of the Suzdal festival.

The day before the presidential election in Suzdal elected its President. It is a tradition: he took the main award, received the recognition of colleagues is the rule, but only for a year. Grand Prix of the festival went to the 18-minute animation film “Vanity of vanities” by Alexei Turkus and the late Alexei Shelmanov. So to be in a year Turkus President of Suzdalfest. He said in the spirit of Chagall’s wise the story of the life of a provincial Jewish town with flying lovers, blue and red cows over the roofs of houses, greedy pharmacist Spielmann, creaking like a rusty door, grandmother, picturesque wedding. One can only imagine how difficult it was born this picture, when the Director fought against serious illness, but still continued to do. Other prizes went mainly among the recognized masters, and yet pleased the young people, mostly young ladies, who became the striking force of the Russian animation. Men and boys join its ranks not as active as it is time-consuming and laborious. As recognized by the most awesome guest of the festival, and this is a Dutch film Director Michael Dudok de wit, the case coordinator is unhealthy, insane, you have to be crazy to be doing this. So said the man who became a star of the world of animation, won an Oscar for the film “Father and daughter”, after putting in eight minutes of screen time such a range of emotions, primarily girls, all my life waiting father. The life of an animator is hard and this is evident in Dodoka, who continued to work as a simple entertainer with an Oscar, forced to engage in commercial activities for the opportunity to create art films. Picture Dudaka “the monk and the fish”, “Red turtle” was nominated for an Academy award. His work is devoid of words but filled with music, verbal language does not need them. They are like the dreams of the child, and not become adults.

One of the most notable events of the festival was the first show in Russia documentary-animated film, “you Know, mother, where I was,” Leo Gabriadze, recognized in Suzdal best in competition feature film, although made this tape at the junction, built on a mixture of hand drawn animation and computer-aided relaying with documentary footage. The movie is based on Leo about his great father — Georgian artist, writer, founder of the marionette theatre in Tbilisi is Rezo Gabriadze. The painting caused a wild delight, and as it turned out, few of the participants of the festival knew that an amazing person Gabriadze, the laurels of which is automatically passed to the son. Leo took a biopic on the script by his father, where he almost always is in the frame, remembering his own childhood. Used funny and filled with sadness touchingly childish drawings by Rezo Gabriadze, from which was born his tragic beauty and power performances. The only problem is that the picture is static, illustrative, characters on the screen, not breathing, not alive like on stage. Leo Gabriadze 12 years was an assistant and actor in the theater of his father, in 17 years, played violin in the film “kin-DZA-DZA!” George Danelia. To animation he has since studied it at UCLA, but the Director of the animated movie did not.

The most famous performances of Rezo Gabriadze “Autumn of our spring” and “battle of Stalingrad” (“Song of the Volga”) – as dreams of a former life. Here and in the film he recalls how was a mummy’s boy, always wore one and could barely get to school without conflict. But it was good in the library. There really is no one hurt, and you read it together with a cute rat – a devourer of books. Curly boy with drawings by Rezo Gabriadze recalls Pushkin in pioneer tie and with legs like dried out pasta the day before yesterday. Here and grandmother with a face of Pushkin. And then the house will be the German pilot, attached to help with the housework. In the presence of an officer of the internal troops officially open the toilet. But grandfather German not to his liking, so he goes every time, somewhere, is soon to come. And when the old man dies, it is a fascist, will make him an amazing coffin, and the whole family will marvel at how we have won the war.

The dreams continue,and the screen will come to life portraits of Lenin and Stalin. Leaders to strictly look at a small resolution. Ilyich will say: “How much hang here, Koba, he never came to school on time. That’s who should be driven from the school.” Then Lenin called Stalin a spineless intellectual, a dispute breaks out. And another Lenin in childhood come to life on the chest of the adult of Lenin, will find the punishment for Pushkin “macaroni” legs: “Shoot during recess”.

Animators are masters at coming up with incredible stories. On the opening day of the festival, they turned the stage to the point in catering, decorating signs: “Cheburechnaya”, PEL “half cat” – the title of the film by Andrei Khrzhanovsky, restaurant “the Overcoat” – in honor of the unfinished masterpiece of Yuri Norstein. The cooks brought delicious loaves of sausage, in our eyes, made pizzas, and then local chefs have rolled out a chocolate Winnie the Pooh cake with blue ball. Closer to the night we ate together. The whole evening talking about the animation with the taste, but delicious to call didn’t. The main thing that she was not without taste. Walking in the hall waitresses in Lacy aprons paper, treated to liquor and bacon. Festival screensaver that accompanied the show was also cooking properties, are actually step by step instructions on creating an animated film.

Director Alexey Budovsky arrived with a four-minute “Brooklyn breezes” from Colombia, where he lived and worked for nine years, but feel at home. It has been noted by the diploma “for best professional short film”. Received special prize “for the great desire for animation” and have long settled in Hungary frequenter of Suzdal Alexey Alexeev for “Hunting”, where the hare and dog roles are reversed, but the hunter doesn’t notice.

The paintings of many young producers as dreams of childhood which is like hell. Daria Zimina, a talented student of Valentin Olshvang. It vgikovsky workshop was at the height, and the whole of the Ural animation, richly represented at the festival, to which he once had a direct bearing. A five-minute hand-drawn “Locker” Daria Zimina tells how three year old toddler for the first time are in kindergarten. And there’ll be a solid test. Dull walls are decorated with diagram washing hands. From the booth “Our mother” look at us portraits of wicked women, drawn by their children. They complement the rough and is a real educator. The audience laughed, watching the world of childhood bereavement, where an adult can not understand the child. How much would a mother do not honor the child with stories about the beautiful life in kindergarten – “There you will have the locker” – the experience will remain the horror that is always with you. Another boy at the end of five days of two-minute “Alarm” – Daniel thought that ate his friend. “Lone wolf” Polina Fedorova on Ural folklore is also full of childhood fears. Naughty girl before going to sleep afraid of the bear that will come and take the pet. The film was awarded the diploma as the best for children with the phrase “art for the introduction of folk pedagogy.” Hand drawn picture of “nick and the old woman,” Anna Yudina – debut, although its author has long worked in animation. It’s about a boy that turned the old woman at the entrance. Then they bullied the girl because she’s a girl and not like they are old. And when the kids grew up and became a bus driver and a therapist, then to the old lady and came to certain death. Nothing but rudeness and indifference they receive in return. The audience roared after showing this dashing pattern, and the jury left the room. Galina Golubeva won the award for best student film. Her “And how our astronauts” made in the technique of plasticine relaying with the use of the voice of Yuri Gagarin and based on the songs of Verkhny Pokrovka, Belgorod region. Three astronauts go into space because the pull of the unknown in the blood of the Russian people. And it is also the story of children’s leaven.

The debriefing was conducted by Yuri Norstein. From year to year, he keeps telling my younger colleagues about the nonsense that is so necessary in animation. Fortunately, it was evident in some of his works. But the producers of the mater is ready to hang in one place, as they are often the enemies of the Director, and not his associates. And the whole present system of existence in the film industry does not allow development of thought.

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