Organized ambush: details of the capture of the actor Anatoly Naradeva who has beaten the wife

Actor Anatoly Naryadnom is suspected in the brutal beating of his ladylove March 17, in a rented apartment in Road travel. The screen star was detained three days after the beating.

Photo: facebook.comAnatoly Naryadno.

As it became known “MK” in the “odnushku” 34-year-old Naranov, a native of the Saratov region, with 41-year-old countrywoman Tatiana moved in last fall, and all the neighbors immediately became clear that Tatiana is a deeply unhappy woman. She was always depressed, he answered questions softly, without looking up. And the residents were sure that from time to time cohabitant raises her hand. Tatiana worked as a cashier in a local supermarket and used, Anatoly met her when she came home late from work.

In the fateful day the sounds of cursing from the apartment neighbors heard about 16.00. After a short time the door to the woman knocked on a battered Tatiana – she was looking for protection. Then, according to residents of the apartment ran out the enraged Anatoly, who grabbed the faithful by the hair and dragged back, where he continued the flogging. The witnesses became alarmed seriously, and called emergency services.

Tatiana at some point managed to escape from the aggressor — barefoot in a robe all bloodied woman ran into the stairwell. Rescue medics took the wounded in hospital — then, after examination, found a fracture of the jaw, cheekbones, ribs and other more serious injuries.

Anatoly, meanwhile, is locked in the apartment. The world tried to persuade him to leave, but the man did not give up. The landlady was not allowed to open the door, fearing property damage. It was decided to leave the door a piece of paper with a request to Anatoly to give explanations to the police. After which all dispersed.

The artist, hearing that no one in the stairwell of no, around 23.00 she left the apartment with a package of things. Receding man saw a vigilant neighbour — she immediately texted operative.

The next morning the police came to me and asked — where is he? Surprised: why haven’t they organized an ambush near the apartment, and the villain escaped? I have to do to catch him? – is perplexed woman.

Anyway, Naradeva detained pretty quickly. A criminal case under article “Deliberate causing of heavy harm to health”. Tatiana in serious condition in intensive care. The question on election to the suspect of a preventive measure.

Help “MK”

Anatoly Naryadnom known for his roles in the television series “the Claw of Mauritania”, “Bitch”, “the Explosion, “the Last COP”, “Sorge”, which played mostly law enforcement officers.

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