“Part of being in love and, in fact, synonymous with youth sex”

In my opinion, we are Champions of stupidity. We in this have no equal. For example, not long ago, we showed our solidarity with the idea to scare the world with nuclear missiles: may be frightened, and we’ll have fun along with our the smartest TV in the world to watch, as they’re all terribly afraid. Or, for example, quite recently… But we won’t be overloaded examples. Better question: why are we so nice to the stupid?

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Not hoping to solve this issue alone, I have dedicated the first issue of the born again program “Apocrypha” (which previously appeared on the “Culture”) “the praise of folly”. Once, in the midst of the Renaissance, Erasmus of Rotterdam wrote a fascinating book “Praise of folly”, where all human feelings gave nonsense, and the thoughts of our mind. It was a funny book, but, in my opinion, it opened the floodgates of stupidity, and stupidity has spread all over the earth. A flood of stupidity. We go neck-deep in stupidity. What should I do?

I asked for a transfer wonderful experts. The transfer took place at the yacht club at the spit, very near the monument to Peter the great. The monument I once seemed the epitome of the same stupidity, and now I look at him and think: where do we go are not there — as if we could use quite late now Peter, however, without its extreme.

Well, Director Alexei German Jr., who had just made a film about Dovlatov, spoke about the celebration of the mass consciousness in our elites. This is the flood of stupidity. When she went to the highest echelons, how to cope with it? Wife of Herman, Elena Trench, as the artist received the prize “Silver bear” at the Berlin festival, said the right words: world cinema, which appears at festivals, it was already quite entertaining, besides smoothed the thought is also a manifestation of stupidity.

Maybe that with the advent of the Internet got to be too much nonsense? Because now everyone considers himself an expert on all issues. What you will want, and can fight. The President of UniCredit Bank Mikhail Alekseev said that the Internet is already part of the cultural code, and get rid of it, and is not necessary. It is important to understand why to use it. I agree. But economist Movchan said that stupidity is not only ours, otherwise we’d be lost — and, let me add, she and the President of America can stand out, and stupid Brickset intelligent people to provoke.

But still why do we love stupid? Well, that’s historically. After all we are the birthplace of Ivan the fool, our favorite hero from the older brothers were distinguished by a rejection of reason. And in our country he has succeeded.

In addition, as said at the handover social activist Alla Gerber, the nonsense we associate with the wonderful time of life — youth, when we all do stupid things. And that’s part of love and, in fact, synonymous with youth sex.

But the literary critic Andrey Arkhangelsky stood up for stupidity as a synonym for irrational, we are also required, as rationalism. He cited the example of different philosophers who resisted the triumph of cold reason. And in our country, frankly, geeks don’t like. Do we not say: “You’re too smart or what?..”

However, I vainly took up the retelling. We in the program had other experts with their ideas of stupidity. Everyone here and just not listed. The program “the apocryphal story “Red October” — it is now so fully called — can be seen March 24 on “Education” at 22.00. View and choose your position for or against stupidity?

Of course, you can undo stupidity, but will cancel if the stupid us? — this bizarre idea visits me regularly.

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