Feared the tumour has become known the suspected cause of death of the hockey player Yury Shatalov

For several months before the death of legendary Soviet hockey player Yuri Shatalov suffered from fear of consequences of their illness. Honored athlete March 13, enrolled at 67-th city hospital with a stab wound, as the doctors gave a cancer diagnosis.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

As we found out “MK”, 72-year-old Yuri, bleeding, was found by wife at about 14.30. She came home from work and saw on the floor the blood-stained husband, began to call the emergency services of the city. Apparently, Yuri got hurt himself as the apartment door was locked from the inside. The hockey player was conscious, even answered questions, but he didn’t remember how it happened.

Doctors 67th city hospital was diagnosed with severe trauma — wound of abdominal wall with damage to the small intestine. For 6 days the doctors performed all the necessary resuscitation, but to save Yuri failed.

Relatives suggest that the cause of the tragedy was the fear from the consequences of cancer, which found in September 2017. In November, Yuri of surgery, he soon returned home. Veteran hockey prescribed medications, including painkillers, and, according to family, he received them without a problem, do not forget to take and discomfort felt.

The only thing that was very disturbing is the possible metastases. Yuri feared that the disease will affect the spine and bones. The last time he was bad to go, which indirectly confirmed guesses. He was going to be fully surveyed, to conduct a screening, but the doctors never came.

Meanwhile, colleagues were unaware that Yuri G. ill:

— Saw him a month ago in training. Yuri was acting like himself, joking, on disease complained. By nature he is brave, laconic. Get up on skates, out on the ice. The trouble portended nothing says hockey player Alexander Kozhevnikov.


Yuri Shatalov from the age of 16, he played for “Spartak”, and later became part of the USSR hockey team. The world and European champion. In the Moscow clubs of CSKA and “Wings of Soviets” won the USSR championship three times winner of the USSR Cup. On account Shatalov 32 goals.

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