Shooting in the East of Moscow: autovero was shot in the kidney

With the shooting were detained autothieves in the East of Moscow. Police had to open fire after three visitors, caught red-handed, resisted.


Shot fellow PPP OMVD the district Kosino-Ukhtomsky. On 21 March about 5.00 in the policing, the law enforcement officers saw three unknown opened a car parked on the street the Cascade, and tried to detain them. Thieves had guards resistance and began to fight back. One of them, they found 24-year-old Uzbek Acts tried to grab the lawman’s gun, then the police officer shot him.

As reported “MK” the press-service of the capital police cupola, all three of the attackers were arrested and stolen property was seized. Two of them were delivered to the Department, and their wounded accomplice medical assistance. On this fact being tested, the question on excitation of criminal case.

A source in the hospital, where he had been wounded Aktam, said that around 12.00 the man was operated on (the bullet damaged a kidney), and transferred to a secure ward in the Department of General intensive care.

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