Hospitalized Fedor Dobronravov is on the mend

Fedor Dobronravov felt unwell 18 March, after which he was hospitalized. He is now in the hospital. According to some sources, Dobronravov suffered a stroke, he successfully underwent surgery and required rehabilitation. The actor himself is not a supporter in order to advertise information about their health status. Yes, he was always struck by the energy and sports form.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

Fedor Dobronravov on the “stone of happiness” in Kyrgyzstan.

In the Theater of satire, where Dobronravov is, I hope that on April 1 he will take the stage. 3 March in Moscow hosted the premiere of “Zhili-byli” Edward parry about the life of a dying village where Dobronravov played one of three of its inhabitants. He also became the producer of the film, created in his signature production centre. At the premiere there were no signs of trouble, Fedor Dobronravov cheerfully came on the scene.

Like many of our actors, he works hard, does not spare himself. Somehow in our conversation he said that he plays 10-15 plays per month in the Theater of satire, and in between shooting the entreprise. In total, up to 28 performances plus rehearsals. The program “6 frames”, in which he participated, often filmed at night. “Yes, it is work, — said Fedor. — As they say in the theater: “this is what You wanted. Please!”. I loved to hear: “You’re pushing 60. Relax!”. But I love this life. If only health did. Due to frequent transfers and flights schedule slips”. He has helped people who are in a difficult situation. I am sure that belief in a miracle, saves man. “Once I arrived at his home in Taganrog. I was asked to speak live. The woman called. She was crying, couldn’t formulate a question, and then said: “I Have nine years ago was born a mute son. Nothing helped. But as he watched your series “Matchmakers” and spoke. For a year talking”. I cried, went on to explain that it’s not about me and not about the movie, that mother’s prayers did the trick. But the woman insisted: “No, my son watched the show and spoke”. There was another occasion when I was approached by the dad of 11-year-old boy. The child — the last stage of leukemia. He was undergoing expensive treatment in Israel. His parents had to sell the house to save his son. The boy’s father said that when the child looks “Matchmakers”, his condition is improving. Fedya has recovered, and we communicate with him on Skype. But I’m not a healer. Just so people are arranged: believe in a miracle, and it happens.”

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