“Sergey Zhenovach will head the Chekhov Moscow art theatre

The Moscow art theatre (MKhT) named after Chekhov, who was left without an artistic Director after the death of Oleg Tabakov will be headed by the founder and Director of “theatre art Studio” Sergey Zhenovach, told the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky.

“The decision (on the appointment of Zhenovach – if) accepted, the order (on the appointment) I will sign today, it will be dated April 23, is the first day after 40 days (since the death of his apostles – if)”, – said Medina during a meeting with heads of the leading theaters on Friday.

The Minister added that the meeting with the company will not happen tomorrow, “growing”, as Zhenovach said that he needs at least 10 days to “come up with proposals.”

The head STI, the Zhenovach said that “for him it (the offer to head the Moscow art theatre – if) very suddenly.”

“Seems right to me 40 days to survive, especially because charged performances worthy of the Directors that any theatre wants to cooperate. I think I’ll go watch, I need to see performances, talk to people and quietly to impose a new season”, – said the Zhenovach.

For its part Medina asked all my colleagues Zhenovach “all words that were mentioned here in support, (paid), Sergei Vasilievich”.

“The fact that he is not eager for power, is good for the Ministry. I, frankly, was afraid if he was eager to power, said, I tomorrow immediately, will the team get fired, will appoint all – that it would be quite surprising to hear,” said Medina.

He requested all participants to help and support new artistic Director of the Chekhov Moscow art theatre, in particular, the Chairman of the Union of theatrical figures (STD) Alexander Kalyagin.

“Of course,” – said the head of the STD.

Unchallenged for many years the artistic Director of the Chekhov Moscow art theatre Oleg Tabakov, died March 12 at 83-m to year of life in Moscow after a long illness.

Soviet and Russian theatrical Director, teacher, Professor Sergey Zhenovach was born on may 15, 1957, in Potsdam (GDR). Founder and artistic Director of the theater “Studio of theatrical art” since 2005.

The Zhenovach is an honored artist of Russia and laureate of the State prize of the Russian Federation.

Laureate of National theatre award “Golden Mask” awards of a name of Stanislavsky, of the Moscow prize of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia “hit of the season” awards are named after Tovstonogov “For outstanding contribution to the development of theatrical art”.

Is a Professor of the Russian University of theatre arts (GITIS).

As a Director he worked in the Moscow drama theater on Malaya Bronnaya, and the Moscow drama theatre “Man”.

Put more than 30 performances.

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