After a fire in Kemerovo we checked the shopping centers in Moscow and was horrified

After a fire in TTS “the Winter cherry” in Kemerovo, where he worked alarm system, has been locked doors, and staff and guards had fled, we decided to inspect the large shopping centres of Moscow, chosen at random. And was horrified: no conclusions from the tragedy of the Kemerovo administration stores, it seems, was not done.

photo: AP

For a start, the most basic fact checking, which can hold any visitor. Are the fire exits? Are there signs showing the way to the secret door? The evacuation plans from the Mall?

Yes, fire regulations for shopping centers is much broader here and warning system, and automatic opening of all the closed doors, and the assistance of the staff of the shopping complex visitors. But, hand on heart, who can be sure that the alarm is not shut off, door unlocks, and the staff not evacuated in advance, spit on the audience?

So look for those moments that may let us in if anything to evacuate on their own.

Here is the first shopping Mall, high — rise, with the upper Parking lot, integrated with the metro station. The children’s center on the upper floor, around it and is located just hundreds of cars. “Green arrow” signs evacuation — near the entrance is not visible, if that, in this particular section of the centre will have to rely on the training of guards and staff.

photo: Anton Razmakhnin
Fire exits in the shopping centre to open.

Two floors below the cinema, a giant courtyard restaurant and many shops. From the cinema to the side leaving a wide concrete corridor with a green fire exit signs.

The fire door with “castle panic” is open and leads to the freight elevators. Which, we note, to use during a fire is impossible. But the doors are open, and this is a plus.

The following fire door in the corridor between the shops. Cheers, and here’s open! Here all the rules: the hallway leads to the fire escape. Near the door hangs an evacuation plan is executed, no doubt, Asami drawing things. One drawback: the drawing of the damn thing is not clear. To find your location (marked with a separate small sticker), you need about half a minute, and it is in a calm state. And if the panic?

Besides, why the evacuation plans only hang from fire escapes (that is, if you see a paper you’re almost there)? It would be far better if they, at least in rotation, was on the billboards in the building in abundance. But what, understand, Commerce.

But at the food court of the complex, perhaps, a way to forget in principle. People — a lot area — the giant: imagine what would happen if anything happens to the alarm? However, from the greater part of the hall visible fundamental oak door with a green ‘EXIT’ sign at the top. A fire escape just on the size? Maybe so — but these doors are hopelessly closed. When we opened up, “the old-timers do not recall”.

photo: Anton Razmakhnin
Rescue the absurd: plan your fire escape can only be found on the fire escape.

However, this describes only what the shopping center is still the best. Though all fire exits are open. As the doors of the cinema during the session. But, alas, not everywhere. In three other shopping and entertainment centre “MK”, it’s much worse. There are emergency exits, all the rules are marked with green signs, stupidly closed. Knock, Lomis — if “command was not” the situation literally hopeless.

Let’s go in order. This is a shopping Mall, converted from a large Soviet Department store. In the Grand Soviet Department store was, as usual, marble stairs. It grumbled: “eating area”. Now, after reconstruction, do not eat — stairs in public access just yet.

Where they had once been, and fire doors with the same locks “panic”, but, alas, still locked by the magnetic lock. Open the card. Pull the door to check — you will approach a security guard, an employee of the chop, and inquire who you are. “Don’t need this here to check it out — strong cycnet guard the Golden tooth, — there is a special service.” Okay, let’s go. But we will draw conclusions.

The worst shopping complex — located almost entirely underground. Here, however, the exits to the surface at different levels is almost on every tier. So where to go — in principle. Here only the fire doors still closed. On the plan of emergency exits emergency exit and on the door: “the Service entrance by pass only”. That is again on the cards. And even phone — who to call if there was someone to open, not write. Better than the previous shopping center, it’s at least coming out more. But worse than it could be. Much worse.

Finally, a brand new Mall in the North-West of the capital. Here alert residents, suppressed the tragedy in Kemerovo, came almost immediately. And found fine: fire exits, carefully closed… bike locks. That, comrades, the worst thing is: if in the previous cases, the hope is that when you press the “red button” all will be revealed as if by a magic wand, here will not open anything. While not running to the guard with the key. And he — remember the Murphy’s law — don’t come. So here will have to do the most radical conclusions.

# pozarnych

MK joins the offer to fight for fire safety and their own, too. To do this just to be in public places to take pictures of any possible violations and to put in a Network address at which they are seen by putting the hashtag “fire exit”. By this mark everyone will be able to identify a dangerous place, and fire inspection will know where to conduct an unscheduled inspection.

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