The tragedy in “Winter cherry” has caused an attack of pojiratelei in Russia

A terrible tragedy caused by the fire in Kemerovo, threw the country into a kind of aftershock similar to those that accompany the catastrophic earthquake. Towns and villages of the country flooded by a wave of pojiratelei: March 27, firefighters repeatedly went to the challenges, and in some places and carried out the evacuation of people from public buildings, what is humanly understandable, and in some sense, it may be good: you see, and these exercises over time, if anything, will save human lives. Increased the anxiety of individual citizens, as experts, can be easily treated.

Photo: Irina Shapovalova

The biggest stir on March 27 caused the evacuation of shopping center “European” in Stavropol. According to local media, citing eyewitnesses, in the building beginning has sounded the fire alarm, and then the staff began to lead the visitors of the shopping center on the street. However, it soon became clear that the alarm was educational, and the owners of the centre have tested whether the quality was the evacuation. And people’s opinion of the appropriateness of this action, according to eyewitnesses, the action went:

“Yes, they are a month last year for half of the country were evacuated, unless it gave results in a real emergency? Circus!” – muttered one.

“What a circus, doing the right thing, always need to check and carry out such drills and inspections,” the other disagreed.

“I hope these teachings are only the teachings will remain. To no one ever coping skills are not applied in practice, in the shopping center”,- said the third.

At the same time the provincial government held a working meeting with representatives of MOE and other relevant agencies, where they discussed fire safety of shopping centres. According to the results of the Governor of the region Vladimir Vladimirov has commissioned a new test of the fire protection of places of mass stay of people, including shopping centers. Thus, special attention will be technical and organizational readiness for evacuation in case of fire, promised in the regional government.

Meanwhile, the neighbors stavropoltsev from the Rostov region went even further. To prevent the same tragedy that occurred March 25, Kemerovo, small and medium business in the region need to come with inspections at least every day, said the Governor Vasily Golubev. “And any excuse of business, that you’ve got a zakoshmarili, no need to listen when we are talking about people’s lives”,- he stressed.

It is noteworthy that until recently the same Golubev played for the reduction of pressure on business and, primarily, the reduction of the number of scheduled and unscheduled inspections. Now, all places of a mass congestion of people in the region are required to check for compliance with safety standards. And this instruction Golubev gave earlier than it did for all prosecutors.

Meanwhile, in the Kurgan, the traffic police and emergencies Ministry blocked access of vehicles and pedestrians to the station building. The reasons of the ban to explain they did not, but one of the leaked versions people, above the road burned down advertising banners, and the other was a damaged power line. In any case, appeared in social networks video shows how from above on the pavement falling sparks.

– Of course, soon after the tragedy in Kemerovo will appear to increase in demand for the treatment of pojiratelei,- predicted “MK” practicing psychologist Yuri Dubrovin.- And, by the way, in Moscow there is a special service that deals with these subjects and provides assistance to citizens who have expressed after such events increased anxiety. The immediate trigger for increased anxiety become messages in the media.

But the government assured the judge that obey not so much the laws psychology as policy. And how long will the activation ognebortsy activity in the field, psychologists can’t predict.

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