How to build a shopping center in Kemerovo: “Orion”

Each new day of investigation of fire in the “Winter cherry” gives rise to new questions. From the main — was the arsonist, who locked the door to the auditorium, why I shut off the alarm, to the secondary, but no less important. Generally allowed to work the Mall, which is under fire for a few minutes was turned into a crematorium for poor people?

We found details of the glaring irregularities in the opening and operation of the shopping center. If to investigate the case seriously (and we hope that members of the TFR and go), one dock is not enough for all who wittingly or unwittingly contributed to a terrible catastrophe.

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The infamous shopping centre was built on the site of kemerovskijj konditerskijj Kombinat. It was a business project, the plan of which was made by the designer Anatoly Popov. At the request of the “KKK”, he prepared drawings and calculations in two stages.

The first is the reconstruction of two existing buildings (they were scheduled capacity of floors, repair and strengthening of load-bearing beams). The second is the construction in the yard of the old plant of the new structure. All together the project was combined to the Mall on the ground floor which was supposed to be Parking, on the second alley, the third room of Billiards, and the fourth — three rooms of cinema, a pool and a hockey rink.

However, the former head of Kemerovo Valery Ermakov and his then Deputy for the construction of Andrey Kalinin, whose signature is on the permission on object input in operation, in one voice say: the fourth floor was intended for gym and fitness complex, and not for the cinema.

– I do not remember any conflict associated with the “Winter cherry,” – said “MK” .. In any case, all the permits to work such objects not signed by the mayor and his Deputy. However, he does not send the object, no commissions, and looking only prepared them for the conclusion.

However, we had conflicts with two other shopping centers. They tried to work without the necessary papers. One of them we cut off the electricity, and second in the opening day put the police, who were not allowed to buyers. Thus, we were able to force employers to comply with the law, although, with the permission of the Governor Aman Tuleev themselves a little bit broke it.

But reported to the competent authorities of Kalinin.

– If, for example, a gym with 50 seats, the theater is now known, was designed for 300. There are also Snips! There are, however, in legislation there are gaps. In Russia there is no oversight organization that monitors the internal redevelopment. Logically, it must be vested in departments of the consumer market, but the legislator is not spelled out anywhere.

According to Kalinina, the entity must notify the competent authorities and to resolve security issues.

What would it be? If alterations in time could see, you see — and would close the theaters! However, the project was successfully agreed upon in the Committee building control of the city administration. All the submitted documents satisfied responsible.

There are only four: confirmation of land rights, urban planning plan of land plot (to identify intersections with city communications — for example, you cannot produce capital construction at the site where a gas pipeline was laid), project and examination for him (in this case was conducted by the state examination in the administration of the Kemerovo region).

Resolution for the reconstruction (that this word was marked with all the construction work on the construction of the future shopping center) September 23, 2013 was signed by the Chairman of the Committee of construction supervision of Svetlana Morozova.

“Winter cherry” has built up very quickly. In March 2014 construction supervision of the Kemerovo region (objects of more than 1500 square meters and above 2 floor monitors “regional” authority) provided the conclusion signed by the inspector, the head of Department and head of inspection in the city administration. March 18, 2014 was granted permission to commissioning of the building signed by Andrey Kalinin. Further, the owner of the building put it on the cadastral account and had to get the fire sheet.

– In practice, the detection of changes in the fire inspection requires the owner pass the examination ILD (fire test lab) – emphasizes Kalinin.- They checked the building, wrote out prescriptions…

So, in the biography of the “Winter cherry” remains two questions. The first is whether the owner has a cunning trick, putting the documents on the redevelopment of one of the profile areas of the fourth floor, and in fact, replacing gyms cinemas? And the second is to notice whether the reorientation of the staff of the fire inspection when checking in 2016?


What happened to the alarm? Why the Mall’s visitors have not heard the saving howling sirens?

As reported by “MK” a source in the investigation, the building has been installed the most common domestic system “Orion”.

From the interrogation of two employees of information technology Department of the shopping center Sergei Karev and Maxim Sykhiv, it follows that in the early days of software maintenance tried to hold their Department. However, the head of the Department Pavel Kashkarov took this question once and for all. The it guy said that the fire brigade needs to engage a certified organization. So the contractor “Winter cherry” was the company “System integrator”.

According to the computer scientists who responded, in particular for video monitoring service, leadership clearly skimped on security. From the first day the software was installed, which of the cameras was determined by the number of visitors in each room and the total time. However, after some time, the administration of shopping centers have abandoned the program, citing its high cost of maintenance.

And from the beginning of the year, the head said (who that someone was — arrested CEO of Hope Addanac or has not yet arrested the Executive Director Yulia Bogdanova has not yet been estimated) that is planning from April to opt out of the surveillance system. It is unclear what motivated the managers of the shopping center. We will remind that on March 23, on-of chop received a letter of termination. It seems that the owners just gave up security for the benefit of the benefit.

Other fire safety violations in one voice said, and Karev, and Sykhiv. Approaches to boxes with equipment were often littered with rubbish — cardboard boxes, etc. Computer scientists have repeatedly complained about this to the technical Director Georgy Sobolev. Power outages also became the norm, which is why the camera often failed.

Earlier, the “MK” brought the details of the interrogation of the guard, the shift supervisor Sergei Antoshina and object owner from chop Eugene Gumirova. The guards stated that on section 16.03 of the fire alarm system received information about the fire on the 4th floor. After fire alarming light, Antoshin Gumirova called and sent to make sure that the alarm is not false, his colleague patrolling the 4th floor. The guard on the walkie-talkie confirmed that the fire in the children’s center, and Antoshin tried to include a General alert, but there was a strong cotton, and the building was de-energized. To enable the alarm failed. And earlier they said repeatedly triggered false alarms, then the alarm is disabled. To understand the situation, we turned to the expert in the field of fire safety Alexander Glushchenko.

These words immediately catch the eye the two most serious violations and pending a few questions. The main difference is the “Orion” is designed so that all systems work automatically.

– Tell us what in General is the system?

– The system is a computer. Around the room are placed the sensors that are connected in the General section. When a fire occurs, the sensor triggers, which immediately displays the topic (in this case in the office where Antoshin). Further, the algorithm is programmed! It is definitely the inclusion of a General warning, smoke removal, access control systems, unlocking of emergency exits. Again, everything should work automatically.

– At the operational meeting with participation of Vladimir Putin, the Chairman of the IC Alexander Bastrykin said that the alarm was off and the guard says that the signal is still received. Maybe we are talking about what has been disabled alert?

– Most likely, it did. In practice, this happens. In the fire extinguishing system is not pumping the water so that when a false positive the property was not damaged. For the same reasons, disable the notification.

– How and who can break this chain?

– This is done at the software level and make it can only be a specialist. I doubt it is the power guard. On the contrary, he could say that it should be. It could make people responsible for maintenance could be for this third-party specialist invited and are craftsmen who spetsializiruyutsya on the “configuration” alarms, are available.

– What kind of violation did you notice and what questions is it?

– The guard was obliged to call in 01. And the question I have for the system of smoke removal. In fact, it is a powerful fan that is withdrawn combustion products to the roof. Why should it be disabled? This system, as I understand it, has not worked. And emergency exits? Once they were really blocked, it is also unclear what motives drove those who disconnected the two systems.

– Consider a version of the guard that the building was de-energized. These words have a right to life?

– No, no and no again. During the installation and during inspections, the prerequisite should be a backup source of energy. System after switching off the main electricity supply by the rules must operate 24 hours and 1 hour in alarm mode. Employees who are responsible for it have to check 1 time per month, and the service manual of the building daily.


The consequence has established the identity of two of usher, serving the cinema in the time of the fire. Natalia and Olesya Naymushin Bogatenko explained to journalists that they have “never been” to block the doors of the cinemas. Naymushin, according to her, she ran into the hall №1, where they showed “Pacific rim 2”, and shouted “Fire fire”. This is confirmed by the witnesses. By the way, since room # 1 was saved all the spectators.

In cinema 2, which was “Sherlock Gnomes”, the audience closed the door themselves. First, they tried to leave, but the door was already black. About what happened next, we know from the words of Michael Trusov — he miraculously survived, but lost two daughters, Veronica and Victoria. Men acted like many of us were taught at lessons: locked the door, covered her with wet rags and began to wait patiently for the fire Department. Patiently and, alas, in vain. When the heat and smoke became unbearable, the audience knocked the door of the emergency exit. But few could escape.

And that is why the audience was unable to leave the third room, where they showed “Peter Rabbit” is the big question. Some people said that there were occasions when the door to this room was locked. And the ticket collector — they had to look for latecomers to the session, to get inside.

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