The actions fire in the shopping center of Kemerovo on the steps appreciated specialist

Relatives of the victims in the Kemerovo TC “Winter cherry” are sure that’s locked in one of the cinemas of children could be saved. They are outraged that arrived on the scene fire brigades, not rushed to the aid of children, and began to “follow”. To evaluate the actions of the firefighters we asked one of our experienced professionals capital “Fire-rescue centre” for firefighters and rescue work.

Photo: Irina Shapovalova

With families of children met the head of the 1st detachment of the Federal fire service in Kemerovo region, Colonel of internal service Sergey Yakovlev. But nothing intelligible about how was organized the evacuation, they didn’t hear. About it read in a material “the parents of the dead in Kemerovo: “do Not leave until you will find the children!”


– In what outfit and what kind of equipment do firefighters need to come to such a big fire?

Of course in combat clothing that is sewn from heat-resistant material and processed by impregnation of the high temperatures. “Boevka” is of different level of protection. Firefighters with self — contained breathing apparatus. Cylinders they carry for back, shoulders. Air consumption depends on the load. If you have to escape, dragged himself to the victim, to perform any complicated operation, the air supply lasts for 30 minutes. Also we always carry rescue tools.

The relatives of the dead were outraged that firefighters who arrived on the scene, very long time, for 20 minutes wore masks…

– According to the rules of the fire, before putting on the mask, need to test your machine. They take with them the equipment to themselves not to burn and not get into some kind of trap. You need to provide all that is necessary for the protection of labor and fighting regulations, and only after that to go. The man in the street always seems to fire slow. The tank arrives, we pour the water, and people think that we arrived without water. But this can not be a priori.

– Relatives of the victims claimed that the fire did not go straight to the theater, and “began to follow” in a very different direction.

I understand the claims of parents who lost their children. Any fire Department arrived at the fire, the first thing is saving people. It directed all the forces. Or – the salvation of people is while fighting. Unless enough forces and means. Here it is necessary to take into account how many filed the first barrel, what information is conveyed during exploration, the kind of resources they have requested?

– Unhappy parents heard from the fire: “the Big smoke, we can not pass. There 600 degrees.”

– If you smoke, firefighters can go into respiratory apparatus. Another question, how did they know that there is a temperature of 600 degrees? Only if they had a thermal imager that displays temperature. But the fact that this garrison was a thermal imager, to be honest, I doubt it.

– What is a thermal imaging camera and what function it performs when fighting fires?

Is a device in the form of a video camera. It reacts to the temperature difference. The principle of its work is in trapping infrared (heat) radiation emitted by any heated object. Watch the screen and see everything in the dark and heavy smoke, in particular, how the cold water goes through the sleeve, lying or walking person, the source of the fire, fire area. In Moscow are trying to branch was one imager. If they had something they faster people found. In the smoke you can see everything. I was down in the subway during the fire – nothing could be seen, and using the imager, I was getting the full picture.

As for the lanterns, under heavy smoke, they’re useless.

– You had to put out such a fire?

And not just once. The last time in July 2017 lit shopping and entertainment center “RIO” on the Dmitrov highway. The fire area there was 1000 square meters. The fire was assigned the fourth rank complexity out of five possible. The building was 3 thousand people. Everyone was evacuated, but on the second floor of smoke-filled buildings has been blocked four people. They closed in the refrigerator and mobile phones, and adjust our promotion. We were able to pass, by the time they were unconscious, but we took all survived.

In the SEC “Winter cherry” people are trapped in the cinema. Firefighters could break down the door?

– They come with a microscopes. But again, if the fire went deep in a smoky area, due to lack of air the engine depth of cut will not work. There are even hydraulic tools.

– If a fireman did manage to get to the theater and hack the door if they could bring the people there out of the building?

– There was a dense smoke. We have the so-called “self-rescuers” mask with a balloon, where there is a supply of air for 20 minutes. Wearing on people “self-rescuers”, it would be possible to carry through a smoky area. But it would take at least 40 of these individual funds. As I understand it, that so many people were in the cinema. If they were available?

Second. And most importantly. As they say fire, there was a high temperature. Is fighters — protective clothing, and people – naked. They could not leave the building alive. By the time they were cut off by fire and high temperature.

– There was some other way for their salvation?

– It was necessary to break the outer wall, to put hoists. When burned “RIO”, we did. Dismantled the facing of the building on the ground floor, where there was a fire. This requires hydraulic dolbezhnik, sledge hammers, pneumatic tools. In this case, in Kemerovo had to engage the services of the city, both in construction and maintenance crews.

– People, being trapped in a fire, in desperation jumped from the Windows. They caught the bystanders, stretching the tarp. And fire for this is some devices?

– Pieces tarpaulin — is the last century. The fire does not. In this case, serves ladders. Tested this device as the “cube of life”. It happens, and pneumatic, and manual. This device type inflatable trampoline. It can jump no higher than the third floor. There is also a rescue, a rubberized sleeve, which clings to the edge of the roof of a building or window opening. In Moscow the means of salvation, but they are quite expensive.

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