The father of the guard “Winter cherry”: “the Son didn’t know how to disable the alarm”

Father accused the security guard of shopping center “Winter cherry” in Kemerovo, in the fire which killed 64 people, said his son was physically unable to turn off a sprinkler system.

photo: classmates

“The son complained that the alarm has been triggering false. He reported this to his superiors, and eventually someone turned off. It happened on March 18. In this case the son to turn it off couldn’t because they didn’t even know how to do it,” – said Igor Antoshin RT.

Earlier in SK have declared that the alarm in the shopping centre, “Winter cherry” has not worked since March 19. To disable it, according to investigators, a security officer Sergei Antoshin is in custody.

Statements Antoshina entirely contrary to the words of the head of the developer company fire alarm for “Winter cherry” Igor Polozenko that in the courtroom, explained that the system was in working condition and turned it off 15 minutes before the tragedy.

“On 25 March 2018 15:55 system was in good technical condition. As far as I know, the system was disabled physically representative of protection”,— told Polosenko.

According to him, the main reason why it didn’t work, is the human factor.

“Due to the fact that the man turned off the warning system, people are unable to promptly evacuate the premises,” – said Polosenko

He also drew attention to the fact that the employee checked the system with photographs on March 20, and she was in good condition.

We will remind, the fire on March 25 in the shopping center “Winter cherry” in Kemerovo, claimed the lives of 64 people. Upon state of emergency criminal case under three articles of the criminal code.

Russian Prosecutor General’s office instructed to check fire safety in shopping malls that have entertainment centers across the country.

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