Became known, who first called the fire Department in “Winter cherry”

The General Director TTS “Winter cherry” Hope Studenok on remand in Factory court called the name of the person who was responsible for the evacuation of people in case of emergency. According to Sedenak, March 25 at the Mall was on duty Zhanna Vladimirovna Vorobyov. We contacted the husband Vorobiev, and he was very surprised at this statement.

Photo: Irina Shapovalova.

– Jeanne — cultural worker, the organizer of the holidays. She coordinated the work of the animators in the children’s entertaining center, doing training with the staff. And had no relationship to fire safety. Addanac still clown accused!

– How did Jeanne that day?

– Just note — it was not her day, she usually works from Monday to Friday. And then replaced a sick colleague. Now Jeanne is in the hospital – she inhaled the carbon monoxide, is very weak. But I managed something she had to know. So, when in the pool with cubes started a fire, she first called the fire Department. She then three more times in the “01” typed — it seemed to her that the fire was traveling very slowly. Ran into the hallway, the wife began to shout loudly, replacing the fire alarm for people who were looking for the exit in a puff of smoke, followed her voice, and she’d pointed the way. Jeanne managed to save a young girl-animator, 18 years old, have the mouth foam was due to carbon monoxide poisoning. And then Joan herself ran out into the fresh air.

In the Mall she works since January of this year, and indeed now on probation is. Perhaps the investigators will interrogate her when she gets out of the hospital, but in the words Cudennec there is not an ounce of truth.

But tell yourself that fire. The head of the firefighting service of the first detachment of the Federal fire service in Kemerovo region Andrey Burin gave minute-by-minute scenario, his people in the “Winter cherry”.

“The signal about the fire came at 16.05 (local time). In 16.09 we have already arrived to the main entrance. From TC at this time people came, some visitors were in and filmed the events on the phone, although on the fourth floor of the fire covered a large area. We immediately started the evacuation, shouting: “Evacuate!”. But neither the administration nor the security at the time of arrival of firefighters was not, at least no one of them is not met, no one could say whether people are inside or how many. Firefighters, including a link of gas and smoke protective service, immediately went to the fourth floor where the fire. There has been very strong smoke, almost impossible to navigate. At arm’s length can not see anything, a very high temperature. Was the rapid spread of the fire.”

According to him, firefighters immediately began to extinguish the fire, search for people, their salvation, for this there were two combat area.

“13 people were on the roof, which has already chosen to fire. We rescued them with the help of lifting mechanisms. One man alive found during the exploration of the link of gas and smoke protective service on the fourth floor of the building is also evacuated with the help of lifting mechanisms. Another woman pulled from the locked Elevator,” — said the firefighter.

By the time the fire was rapid spread of fire. “I think that was due to the voids in the slabs, and the old ventilation”, — said Andrey Burin. The work was complicated by the layout and the huge size shopping Mall, the presence of the cylinders had to stand and cool. “There was an explosion,” said Burcin. He confirmed that the building did not work, none of the fire protection systems, emergency exit signs not lit, the emergency lighting was not. “All the emergency exits were closed, every one of them”, he added.

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