Body Mavrodi refused to pick up from the morgue: family secrets the Creator of “MMM”

The body of Sergei Mavrodi nobody still didn’t take from the morgue. Brother prohibits to bury the Creator of “MMM” in the family plot. Ex-wife Elena changed her last name and didn’t want to come out of the shadows even for the sake of identification of the body.

Evil genius dashing 90 died of a heart attack at the bus stop and in the hospital only by the grace of the compassionate passer-by. After talking with the bailiffs his only treasure left books Yes aquariums. What was life Mavrodi in recent years?

photo: Oleg fochkin

In recognition of all who knew Sergei Mavrodi personally, he didn’t let himself get too close, even his wife and relatives — younger brother and his wife, which began a “pyramidal business”. And even those who were always there at the business need, or as a “Batman” is not called. About my personal life and he never told. Not because it was concealed, but just him she was not interested.

“Tipster” lived by the numbers, the fruits of his fraud almost never used, money spent only on books and aquariums, but went on to invent the pyramid. The last pyramid Mavrodi rose and fell in Africa.

Pride Sergei Panteleevich was his novel “Son of Lucifer”, written on behalf of the son of the Devil. Sergei Mavrodi believed that his literary gift even “financial” and what he sees through people. Literary criticism, reading the piece, found it very peculiar, “as if it was not written by man.” And those who at different periods was close to the main “financial Lucifer” critical times, unanimously assert that Sergey Mavrodi actually like his infernal character, even in the home. He did not see individuals, only the mass is initially evil and greedy creatures, and tempted, like his beloved alter-ego.

He was a misanthrope, a people hated and despised, believing that the evil in them comes first, – says the lawyer Mavrodi Alexander Moloch. And proud, not hide it. And said: “You should appreciate that I do not hide my sincere attitude”. With him it was impossible to get close to a human, but he liked to be a guru. He sincerely despised greed, but pride and vanity in it. And he knew it. He needed not the money and fame.

“Portrait of Lucifer the financial” stagnation had to collect the crumbs, using a good memory of those whom the accident with him took his life. For his closest people do not want to remember about him neither good nor bad – even after death.

Junior Mavrodi – the shadow of elder

How to quarrel with his younger brother that he took your place in the family plot? And what do we know about younger brother “luciferama son”? Maybe he is a misanthrope?

– Brother Sergei stopped communicating in the beginning of MMM, – says the lawyer Alexander Moloch. – He believed Vyacheslav traitor and completely erased from his life. And why, is never explained.

– Is it actually said?

– Sergey Panteleevich easily changed the environment, throwing people left and right. It seems that the people he really was not needed and not important. He had this inner contempt for ordinary mortals. With him always had help, but he thought they were someone like orderlies. Despite the fact that he was very humble in life, almost nothing needed, except for books, but felt themselves above the rest of the world.

He is about my younger brother never said. But in his entourage believed that the younger Mavrodi is a pale shadow of the older. Sergey — the generator of ideas, and Vyacheslav, remaining in the same segment and communicating with big brother, these ideas uses.

Sergey Panteleevich repeatedly said that the younger brother copies him, even in appearance, but Mavrodi-the eldest did not care for it. He thought much wider. For example, been in touch with Assange and offered him cooperation. I think, and the current boom in bitcoins is also not without the participation of Sergei Panteleevich.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Judging by the pages of the brothers of Mavrodi in social networks, the younger brother really had been staring at the eldest, despite a complete lack of contact. Only the senior Mavrodi gets an account, which is actively being rewritten in English with the investors of his latest pyramid of Nigeria as a Junior immediately begins in a similar way to lure money from residents of Indonesia. The elder is not lazy and every day reminds Nigerians: “don’t miss your chance to get rich”. And younger Mavrodi is not far behind, Formosa their Indonesians.

Classmates of Sergey Mavrodi in a Moscow school No. 35, which is near the Novodevichy proezd, remember the Mavrik, as they called it, “a desperate and persistent”. But even harder was his younger brother Vyacheslav, only, if anything, was hiding behind the older.

– His younger brother Slava, it was considered even more hard-nosed, recalls a classmate of Sergei Mavrodi, Vyacheslav Zimin. He studied it with my sister. She comes once on the break in tears, I ask, “Anyone hurt?” She pointed at Slava. Well, I did and as it should have pressed to the wall. He ran to complain to my brother.

Neighbors Mavrodi on Komsomolsky Prospekt remember that their luxury house Sergei moved from the old vosmietazhki in the Novodevichy proezd. Some remember his mother, Valentina Fyodorovna, who died in 1986. And my father, who retired in 1980, no one remembers.

Most of the neighbors remember the model Elena Pavlyuchenko, ex-wife of Sergei. According to them, “it was long, prominent, lived here when he was sitting.” The tall beautiful girl from Zaporozhye among the residents of the house were considered the same “attraction” as living immediately family Jankowski and Malkovich.

Recently lived in the apartment one Sergey. But he behaved quietly, inconspicuously. It came to some people, but certainly not the ex-wife and brother.

– Well, a man like Sergey Panteleevich, could not remain without attention of the most different people, – answers to the question of who was able to walk to the “financial Lucifer” lawyer Alexander Moloch. Around him revolved and security services, and crime. Remember how in 2012 me journalists question – Mavrodi who is pulling the strings? Sergei Panteleevich thought. To tell the truth that no one — not believe. The answer is that the Kremlin so that readers are more interesting then it was dangerous. And decided to answer that Washington is pulling. It is always printed. And Sergey Panteleevich only grinned of human folly, like a true Lucifer.

– So you and he communicate “humanly”?

– Mavrodi during the so-called “second pyramid”, from 2011 to 2012, and then he just cut me out of his life. Although we have been through a lot together. When in the spring of 2012, he was arrested, I arrived first and I managed to free him. When collapsed suits to blog to ban it. All I was… all of his books I read. And I think that his “Prison diaries” the best thing written in Russia about prison. We on the basis of this book met him.

They generously paid?

– He never paid himself and did not solve financial questions. Agreements on wages, he did not break, but did his assistants, he did not take in hands of money.

The wife fulfilled a dream

The ex-wife of Sergey Mavrodi Elena, which is now rumor has it that she even looks changed, “only to forget marriage with the main pyramidical of the country, like a bad dream,” raising his daughter Irina. Friends of Elena saying that Sergei panteleyevich never seen her and was not interested in it.

Elena he left, says Alexander Moloch, when sitting from 2003 to 2007. Filed for divorce and asked that she not be allowed to him to visit you in jail. He believed that he let her go, so as not to spoil the life of a young woman.

With me, he never said it was taboo. But the act is quite in the style of Sergei Panteleevich. He did, in spite of everything, there was a deeply Soviet person. He lived the “Soviet” concepts, in which family the UPS and downs can seriously interested only in a friendly court.

photo: Artem Makeev

Indeed, the “fiscal Lucifer”, which for six months of work his brainchild “MMM” controlled one third of the budget of the country, once mentioned that his wife was “nothing more than a dream, because he’s already bought her own apartment.”

In 2005, Sergei Mavrodi, while in prison, on his own initiative divorced from Helen. But in 2006, learned that she gave birth to a daughter, but even expressed the desire to see her.

If there was a share of the blame Helena? She may blame a spouse for what has sent her to the existence of a “straw widow”?

– Helen was a very devoted husband, proud – says the editor of one of the editions of the capital, and worried that he refuses to see her.

In their version of Elena Pavlyuchenko-Mavrodi appeared in late November 2003, when Sergei was imprisoned, and Elena lived alone in his apartment on Komsomolsky Prospekt. She came on the recommendation of one of the neighbors Mavrodi. The fact it was confidential.

Elena brought handwritten documents that date gave her husband. All she wanted was to handwritten text typed on the computer reliable people asked for her husband.

While in the edition carry delicate request, I realized that the text was very interesting, and in exchange for the service asked for permission to publish an excerpt. Elena replied that the first should ask permission from her husband. A week later she called and said that Sergei panteleyevich permits. And in December 2003 was published the first manuscript excerpt of “Prison diaries” Sergey Mavrodi, who much later would become a book.

A month later, Elena arrived at the author’s instance for Mavrodi and lamented the editorial girls that the husband began to deny her visits. “This fool thinks I’m ashamed of what my husband con, – said Elena. If I was ashamed that I lived with him not so much painted, while it was good, and married only came in 1993, when he started having problems with the law?!”

– Alexander, you were there when Sergey Panteleevich hiding in hiding from the bailiffs? Do any women the whole time he didn’t?

– I didn’t have any women, – the lawyer Alexander Moloch. – He was generally indifferent to everything terrestrial, except fishing and meat. Meat-eater he was convinced, although with a congenital heart defect that he had, it’s not helpful. We discussed with him. Fishing is very loved, but also passively. For example, in August 2011 his assistants gave him fishing on his birthday. I mean, came, gathered, dressed, brought, gave up the bait…

– At the Botkin say they found traces of alcohol intoxication…

– On my memory of Sergei Panteleevich not at all. If only symbolically, could raise a glass for company. This is a man with an iron will. Yes, and he was indifferent to alcohol. While admitting that in recent years it could change.

Today, ex-wife of the ambitious financial Wheeler-dealer era says: indeed, all that he did for her is I bought a separate apartment.

Who could have known that at the end of life’s journey financial genius he is not even a separate graves! And if now, when the brother refuses him in the family burial place in the land for Mavrodi will throw the deceived investors (and this appeal has already appeared in the Network), it will probably be the best pyramid in his life. Alas, grave.

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