Engineer of “Gazprom” has solved the mystery of the mass demolition of the houses of the Russians

There are several reasons that instigate people to confession. One of them is the desire to get rid of the moral burden is unbearable and oppressive. Engineer of line maintenance service (LES) Moscow line production Department of main gas pipelines (LPUMG) Oleg Arzhanov worked at the branch of the “daughters” of “Gazprom”, OOO “Gazprom transgaz Moscow”, 21. This branch serves 1,5 thousand km of trunk pipelines (MG). Such structures at the enterprise of a few dozen. Since 2003 Arzhanov was engaged in monitoring violations safe operation of these pipelines. We met six months after the submission of resignations. “I took this decision, — explained Oleg, because I have a keen sense of justice. Over the past few years, the issue of proximity of pipelines to the buildings of the citizens touched people all over the country. I know it from the inside and convinced that the violations of the institutions themselves, operating gas pipelines, lead to an increase in the number of citizens accused of violating the rules of land use near pipelines. People are absolutely in no way to blame. Blame those who exploit the pipe. The essence of the violations I outlined in the applications submitted in December last year, the state office of public Prosecutor and Rostehnadzor”.

To your attention — interview with engineer Oleg Arzhanova.

— Oleg, and what specific violations of OOO “Gazprom transgaz Moscow” you indicated in your statements to the Supervisory authorities?

Project overhaul ring gas pipeline of Moscow region (cgmo-1, kgmu-2) provided for the removal of the pipe at a safe distance from SNT “Il” of the Orekhovo-Zuyevo district. Was needed to eliminate the convergence of a dangerous plot with residential houses, which fall into the zone of the minimum distances (MCH) from the axis of the pipeline. Zmr is a potentially dangerous area where man-made accidents possible loss of life. However, after the repair (2000 and 2010) number of buildings in the danger zone has increased! And housing citizens condemned to demolition. Of the pipe to reduce the protective zone of 50%, stronger, safer. But it is more expensive. Was laid the original pipe (danger zone — not less than 300 m in both directions from the axis MG). Gas is akin to a weapon: it burns, explodes, suffocates her. People do not know what today are exposed to danger as a result of this decision of the operating organization. It was she who, in violation of Federal law, created a situation that directly affect industrial safety — state of protection of vital interests of the individual against industrial accidents. Possible causes of this mayhem — deviations from the project, a simple lack of pipe desired category, negligent attitude to work and inadequate control of the Supervisory authorities. I will note that gardeners SNT “Il”, received the claims of the demolition, his first treatment in 2014 was sent to the Office of the President and PJSC “Gazprom”. Last made the request in OOO “Gazprom transgaz Moscow”. But the data on nevinost pipes at a safe distance from the SNT, will not go, I think they were simply hiding from the parent organization! As a result, in gardening, the answer came: citizens to blame themselves, so their structure to be demolished.

— How realistic is the test should detect such violations, inconsistencies, digressions – because construction work took place long ago?

— It is necessary to request from the operating organization of the project “capital repair of KGMO-1, plot 140-147 km” 2000 everything is obvious. You need to check the documents of approvals confirming the removal of the pipelines, KGMO-1 and KGMO-2 to a safe distance from SNT. Deviations from the project confirm the minutes of the meetings in the “Mostransgaz”, which made this “temporary” solution. The situation planned to fix in the reconstruction of KGMO-1 (in 2008), but did not. That overhaul near SNT “Il” 142 km, KGMO-1 was made with deviations, just “forgot”. Although this fact affects the increase in the number of houses in the area of fire breaks in the event of an accident on the tube.

— What are the circumstances you noted in the complaints?

— I pointed out that after the overhaul, KGMO-2 the number of houses in D. sen’kino in a hazardous area preserved. Moreover, the increased number of buildings caught in the danger zone in the villages of the Pot (egoryevsky rn) and Chichewa (Orekhovo-Zuevskiy R-n). After repairs on the pipeline “Sitnikovo–Aborino” (MG PSA-2) the same effect was in the village of Sokolovo (Shchelkovsky district). Citizens in houses, trapped in the danger zone have received claims for demolition. How can we call that doing to people? Who will stop this Orgy and forced to eliminate clear violations?! But all this could be avoided at the design stage, when carrying out geodetic surveys and examination of projects of capital construction. But, it turns out, nothing was done! When repaired, KGMO-2 based on the project took 70 years. This confirms the project and Executive documentation for construction of KGMO-2 in 1966 and overhaul (2010).

— Why was not carried out geodetic surveys and examination of capital construction projects? This is a required procedures?

— Yes, it is a necessary and mandatory work, which , apparently, saved. The glaring consequences of such an approach — the situation with D. Cicevo. In the documentation of the overhaul of 2010 marked the actual position of the pipeline, KGMO-2: the section length of 400 m it was 50-70 m closer to D. Cicevo, that is very different from the project! The failure of modern surveys resulted in an error in the project — incorrect location of the pipe. These discrepancies had to identify the experts of technical supervision, if instead control was not simulated. Summary: at home in D. Cicevo, founded in the XVIII century, was in a dangerous area renovated in the XXI century the main gas pipeline. They included “Gazprom” in the list of buildings “demolished.” The same situation with the advent of zmr houses in D. sokolove. About deviant convergence of the projected route MG near the village was known in 1965 — Rogazinskii of the USSR. Which set a condition to use this only when replacing the pipes in this area on the category. When overhaul of the MG in 2012, the site builders laid the pipe different category. The safety requirements of SNiP 2.05.06-85* “Trunk pipelines” is broken. This confirms the project and Executive documentation of pipeline construction in 1965, and its overhaul in 2012 the surveying is not carried out, and boundaries D. Sokolov in the project outlined, as they say, “from a lantern” — conditionally. Summary: after renovations of the house in the village was in a danger zone! By law, this situation obliges the Rostekhnadzor to inspect and demand (!!!) elimination of violations. A gas pipeline is a dangerous production object, but the criminal inaction of the Supervisory authority only multiply such situations.

— Do the projects of capital repairs and reconstruction no one checks?

— There is a procedure — the examination of the project. This is a mandatory requirement (article 49 of the Federal law of the Urban development code — UDC). It also ensures compliance of design decisions with safety regulations. But (!) the project of overhaul of MG, conducted in 2012, for examination somehow not given! One more subtlety: the project works on changing the category of the plots of MG, previously set, of characteristics and indicators be subject to mandatory expertise (a norm introduced in the UDC in 2011). However, builders in the repair of MG in some areas of the unauthorized change not a category of pipes, but the diameter. Only in 2016, OOO “Gazprom transgaz Moscow” began to enter into contracts for assessments with LLC “Gazprom Gaznadzor”. But, in my opinion, better not. Pay attention: for repair MG “Yakhroma–Noginsk” examination of drafts of three sections of the pipeline was carried out retrospectively. In projects, there was no data about the location of buildings in hazardous areas, therefore, have not developed ways to address this problem. In the expert documents are not considered and prospects of development of territories, etc. How to conduct this examination, we can only guess. Result: after construction works on the highway MG “Yakhroma–Noginsk” structure in the danger zone not only remained, it added a new. Why, then, did the reconstruction?! No one remembered about the problem: next to houses with people! About them remember when OOO “Gazprom transgaz Moscow” will prepare the next lawsuit against the owner of the house. And the owner never learns that “the plaintiff” practically with his own hands drove the “defendant” in the danger zone. And the judge, without batting an eye, as a blueprint, “the name of the law” will carry the next house. All! It is in fact. A crime against, if not humanity, of our fellow citizens is certainly protected by the court’s decision as armor.

— The condition of the pipeline at the branch where you worked?

Almost 2/3 of them are operated for more than 30 years, they are not repaired strictly according to regulations. It raises many questions. To assess the state of MG, the possibility of extending the terms of its safe operation, industrial safety examination is held. Evaluate the compliance of the pipeline with the stated specifications. The results determine how the safe operation of the pipe. This is a very important and responsible assessment. But today it is obscenely formally. It is understandable, because the main thing for any customer of such examination (the owner of MG) is approved. It permits the continued operation of the pipeline. But none of the industrial safety examination there is no evidence that pipelines have a non-normative rapprochement with the settlements, cities, SNT — potentially dangerous places. Obviously, the pipelines in these areas threaten the lives and health of citizens, their property. But if it’s to indicate operation of the MG is illegal. It is necessary to stop and take action. Behind these words is a huge range of activities. To restore order, need a lot of money!

And another positive decision of examination of industrial safety solves this problem. It not only takes away responsibility. What a savings! In 2006 prices spacer 1 km MG along with the materials and work was worth 36 million rubles (at the rate of$ 1 — 36 RUB.). About the situation known to all who in any way associated with this process. That somewhere could go, trying not to think. Russian roulette — at stake is the safety of people. Full physical and technical study of the condition of the pipeline sometimes you just don’t.

— Any examples?

— Of course. For example, examination of industrial safety of the gas pipeline branch to GDS “Ramenskoye”. It was held by LLC “Gazprom Gaznadzor”. So pipe inspection at the location of convergence with suburban villages and pits have been opened. Such work is needed to assess the technical condition of pipe section to MG from 1 to 5 m off the ground over the pipe and laterally (the complexity depends on the depth of the MG). Did not. Also RTN has concealed information that in March 2013, at the 14th km of the pipeline was an emergency. Gardeners SNT Aksenovo found a gas leak. How long had fistula — no one knew. The owners of the pipe, the facts do not advertise (and the experts “did not notice”) of the seven bare (without insulation) plots MG with exit to the earth’s surface up to 10 m. one of them in 2016 found two more of the fistula. This is confirmed by the orders, outfits, tolerances, data from the registration certificate per MG of conducted in 2013 and 2016. There is agreement with Mosoblgaz about stopping GRS to conduct emergency work in March 2013 and repairs MG in August-September 2016 Knowing this, the conclusions of the examination of the “impossibility of the occurrence of MG in the stress corrosion and corrosion processes of low intensity, affecting the state of the pipe” sound absolutely cynical. And if people (unknowingly) the leak lit a fire? Around the forest, and who knows where the underground pipe. Everything would be blown up — this may be the price of retribution. Analysis of documents shows that the section of the gas pipeline branch to GDS “Ramenskoye” in a plot of 10 km are generally not tested. Summary: the gas pipeline — branch to gas distribution station “Ramenskoye”, the experts gave a positive opinion and approval for the use of another 10 years (he has been working for 49 years). Rostekhnadzor approved the conclusion.

But obtaining such a document does not remove the responsibility from the enterprise.

— The company shifts to the shoulders of the citizens. After receiving a positive expert examination of industrial safety of OOO “Gazprom transgaz Moscow” has started to prepare and file claims for demolition of citizens in connection with their dangerous presence near the pipeline. Assuring all the measures taken to ensure the safe operation of MG, the gas partly not lying. The measures they take only very specific: using the courts to break people’s homes for their own account. After all, people in danger! And the fact that the danger they create?..

— And what were your duties as the engineer for the protection of MG?

I had to detect violations, eliminate them and prevent new ones. The scope of work can be assessed, understanding THAT behind the word “violation” is finding buildings in a hazardous area. Danger zone, first, a buffer zone of 25 m from the axis of the pipeline in both directions from the pipe. It is necessary for the maintenance of MG. Buildings are usually not. Second, the zone of possible destruction in the event of an accident on the pipeline from the pipeline — zmr. Its value may vary, as it depends on many parameters. This distance is usually from 100 m to 300 m in both directions from the axis of the tube.

Oleg Arzhanov.

— How do you detect violations?

Area of my responsibility was the area within zmr on both sides of mg of over 700 km and I was in control of this site. The scale is impressive. The route goes mostly through the woods. Be around the whole area on foot extremely difficult. It was impossible to prevent new violations, it was necessary to prevent any unauthorized construction in zmr. Tried to attract to the work of the line walkers, operators, GDS. On the helicopters I flew round a few times a month, but to determine the exact coordinates of dubious buildings was impossible. In the evening, I was sitting in the Internet in the Yandex-maps and monitors the track. You see a suspicious spot, measure with a ruler the distance. The management have created an environment that nobody was interested in increasing the number of violations, even if they are more than expected. In 2007, I approached the guide and said that the system of data collection does not get a lot of violations. And I answered: “are You kidding me?! Us for those that are already there, scolded, and you want to add new”. Could prohibit the operation of the tube. In 2012, OOO “Gazprom transgaz Moscow” issued an order to prevent new violations, the perpetrators will be punished up to dismissal. Already in 2016, “Gazprom” began to use drones to commit violations and coordinates. The control process zmr tenfold quickened, and I was accused of hiding places violations. But I did not hide! These violations were known by all. It was a blatant injustice! I was asked to record the facts that some of the houses after major repairs was in the danger zone. In OOO “Gazprom transgaz Moscow” refused me: “You’re crazy! After the overhaul could not stay violations!”. So I had to hire a bulldozer and personally carry these home?! About the situation I repeatedly wrote memos, they did not respond.

— Oleg, in certificates of ownership of citizens because there are no restrictions. Based on what the danger zone (zmr) along the main gas pipelines are generally put on the cadastral account?

— Entering these zones in the inventory contrary to current legislation. The owners of gas pipelines were required to submit to the administration Executive survey (data with exact coordinates and location). And those — to put these boundaries on maps of the urban plans. That’s when the question arose about land restrictions, the holding of public hearings. Once in a personal conversation architect Shchelkovo district said to me: “How do we know, exactly where are your pipes? That’s the problem. If you were given the coordinates, we would have limited land to use.” Today the exact coordinates in the administrations there, in the best case, only scheme. Moreover, the pipelines commissioned during the last 15-20 years, the maps of local administrations do not exist. They are applied manually on cards (tablets) — the “mile high” (scale: 1 cm to 100 m). Errors get large: 5 mm made a mistake — burdened someone at 50 meters On the tablets there is no reference to the terrain, so even I, who knows the route, when applied, could make a mistake somewhere. The last two years in the field actively working on as-built surveys. Surveyors are on the road with spetspribor coordinate it. This is an expensive job. The results were brought to me for review, but I found the error. Please note (!), and today coordinates zmr “Gazprom” is not in the administration (where necessary) and references. Distorted the mechanism of transmission of important data. This creates and multiplies existing mess.

— For example?

— A careful study of the public cadastral maps shows that the illicit recording of “Gazprom” in hazardous areas (zmr) introduced large-scale confusion. Half the country was in the area restrictions. If today you believe the inventory can not be built within the boundaries of settlements formed even in the days of yore. High-rise buildings also stand on the “land restrictions.” This is a blatant error. Who will fix it?! For example, in the Noginsk district in the area of lielbritanija got home, standing within the boundaries of villages and towns: Babaevo, Pushkino, Aksenovo-Butyrki, Old Psarki, Balabanovo, Aborino. In Shchemilovo and p. D. Obukhovo in zmr “brought” several apartment buildings. In fact, in these places there is no danger, based on the lands (in the area nearest MG laid pipe high category). Error on the map. But (!) “thanks,” she OOO “Gazprom transgaz Moscow” deny to citizens who would like to use these sites. Along the way the company disposes of the land, not having rights to it!

— You participated in the trials for the demolition of houses?

Yeah, I personally prepared the legal counsel documents for preparation of claims about the demolition of buildings. All 18 of these lawsuits filed in courts Noginsk area, granted. The text claims there is deceit. Representatives of OOO “Gazprom transgaz Moscow” in the claims of “demolition” refer to the 4th paragraph of article 32 of the Federal law “On gas supply in the RF”. But! Pay attention to the 1st paragraph: “the Contracting owner of the gas supply system in addition to the measures provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of industrial safety, must ensure the stages of design, construction and operation… a set of special measures for the safe operation of such facilities, containment and mitigation of accidents”. What company does this?! For one only the salary of a football player Kokorin “Gazprom” a year spends money on that you can repair the gas pipeline branch to GDS “Ramenskoye”, to build in a safe place GDS “Khotkovo”, move to a safe distance from SNT Il’inskoe both pipes, to complete the reconstruction of KGMO‑1. This pipeline operates without repair for more than 55 years! Consider the persecution of citizens caught in the “violators” at fault gasman, you need to stop. Gazprom dochki-synochki, including OOO “Gazprom transgaz Moscow”, I think, have an obligation to bring people a public apology. Pay attention to the situation of the Executive and law enforcement authorities to ensure the safety and protection of citizens ‘ interests.

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