How to start the car, overwintered without movement

Extremely snowy winter and the heroic attempts of the city authorities to revive the transport system has led to the fact that many car owners spent the entire winter on foot, and their cars turned into big snowdrifts. But winter is almost gone, and the car it’s time to revive. And after a long Parking start is crucial for the further operation of the cars.

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Machine idle for a long time without movement, for various reasons. The most classic of them, perhaps, lies in the way the operation of motor vehicles in the style of “snowdrop”. Owners of such cars use their movable mainly for summer trips to the cottage, and in the winter send it in “crison” at a yard Parking. If you manage to be in the shoes of such an individual, keep in mind that the first launch of the machine after the winter “hibernation” — it’s not so simple as it might seem at first glance. In the first place that needs attention is the heart of the vehicle — the engine. Should treat him carefully so he did not refuse.

So, before I pull the motor for the first time in six months, you need to attend to several aspects. First, the state of the battery. If you are sure it is working, you can try to start the engine with it. But it is better to err to help him with puskozaryadnogo device. Or pre-recharge the battery at home.

As for the motor, then start with the oil, which loses its properties not only from mileage, but from time to time. Internet-professionals recommend changing it at least once a year.

And they say that idle for a long time the car has additives included in the composition of the oil, are deposited, causing its delamination. Therefore, the “snowdrops” is recommended in the spring to change the oil and oil filter.

Over time, the fuel tank accumulates moisture condensing from the air. Before you start the old petrol or diesel is recommended to be drained and refueled with fresh fuel. You should also check the engine cooling system. Enough to loosen the surge tank cap and to assess the condition and level of antifreeze. If the latter is within the allowable range, it is not “flakes” or other contamination, it is possible to continue to ride.

Although the auto experts, perfectionists in this case would still require coolant change. They suggest to replace the brake fluid, and spark plugs. Although the majority of car owners from year to year just fine without these manipulations. As for the first spring start, it is recommended to do it gently, without cranking the starter for longer than 10 seconds at a time, no gas, cars with manual gearbox — with a squeeze grip. On cars with an automatic gearbox, or “robot” these recommendations apply not possible. As for cars with system Keyless start.

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