Mourning in Kemerovo: on TV were either fools or provocateurs

But they are people too! Want them to be… Propagandists, politicians, power. They also have children, have a mom, dad. They have the heart bleeds, as well as the whole of the country. They had to say about it.

A frame from the video

On the first day of death they were silent. Inconsistent, inaccurate information, comes from Kemerovo. Fire… well, where we had no fires. Three people were killed, four… This is happening in Russia almost every day. For such a grid is not interrupted.

But the difference in time… was In Moscow in the Kemerovo night. Already burned people. Children will not return. In the final “News” was given a three-minute stories, and that is not right. And quite in the morning, after a showing of the iconic film about Putin and a subsequent detailed discussion with elements of admiration, Vladimir Solovyov emerged the reporter from the scene of the tragedy.

And it was like you were supposed to: “Ivan”, who changes his profession, “the best!”, “What? Where? When?” “Blue bird”… Is now a great Comedy Gaidai will be associated with the death of innocent children? But what’s hayday.

Clearly, they were waiting for instructions from there, from above: to give or not give, show or not to show, and if show, how? And they said, we have to give the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Because the truth can not be concealed.

The next day, Monday, really filled the air. The truth was so much like never before over the past many years. There is a saying: the truth is easy and pleasant. Here to tell the truth it was deadly hard. The soul was torn.

And I don’t know how I’m going now to watch the brilliant film “Winter cherry” Elena Safonova in the title role. She’s too innocent. But how?

Yes, they were allowed to tell the truth, because they are the same people. They also want sometimes to Express all that pent up, boiling, left. They not only function, heavy weapon, covering the state and paid for it in full. Great, of course, to fight in the bright, warm Studio with Ukraine (although in essence there is a war with ourselves), with America, with the ever-shitting English. This is not a problem for our “journalists”, they ate not only the dog. But here…

A frame from the video

In the Kemerovo tragedy suddenly revealed, was highlighted as a whistle, all of our beloved homeland. Which almost never talk on these talk shows. Homeland-ugly, which we love, but don’t really know. Rather, know yourself, at your life, because political TV talk only about my country, which does not help us. Homeland, where Putin’s spell “negligence and carelessness” is the key word. Each by itself is a very kind person but… Firemen who rushed the move in battle, because they didn’t have special suits; business, bought the necessary certificate; looking bodies, who received for it a bribe; the guards, the majority of whom fled to the forefront; the ticket collector… This is our homeland, son, which the TV does not have.

In Soviet times, the propaganda did not say anything about family disasters: the less you know, the better. Only our Western partners almost on a daily basis experienced a deluge, wild, and continuous slaughter, and we all was type-top. But Soviet propaganda and got burned, she simply ceased to believe.

Propaganda of the new Russia of the Putin era is thinner. On the one hand — back in the USSR, bad news we are trying to filter. And on the other — “red, red, freckled, killed his grandfather with a shovel” is please, as much as necessary. Because the news is already cease to be policy, but be a business, a commodity very good sold. Yes, the more you surrender, the better. Here we have freedom of speech in full. Allowed freedom for making dough. Get rich!

The more we inflated, like the frog, the less we need a global catastrophe live. But what do I hear? Here the Deputy Mizulina said that the burning of “Winter cherry”, the death of people someone conceived solely in order to hurt Putin. Or the writer Nikolai Starikov, a Pro-Kremlin constantly flashing in the air, was even cooler: “Well of course, they (clear to whom?) profitable after poisoning Skripal to have a disaster and within us. The guard paid 100 dollars — he didn’t set the alarm, the usherette told, she’s here…” These people are either fools or provocateurs, not less.

And here from the other camp Alexander Nevzorov, Popovic, the victims and their relatives: “these are the people who voted for that doors were closed; for that alarm, which might bother would be disabled; to those who dare to shout “fire! fire!”, immediately the screw would be hidden away. It is, in fact, people who have chosen, and 76%, according to the latest results.” Smooth lays on the bones. So those who voted for the liberals in the 90s, also chose his destiny: killing in the heart of Moscow in ‘ 93, criminal Chechen war, with thousands and thousands of victims. We then wanted to, right?

Now arguing how to grieve. But I bet only those who play the sorrow… And the TV held a day of mourning. When the abolition of advertising. When nothing was icteric, no, no. When Andrey Malakhov and Dmitry Borisov was concerned citizens with pain in the heart. When NTV instead of the COP series was “heart of a Dog” and “home among strangers…”. The sterile day on TV, on the right day.

But unless people who have lost dearest loved ones that comfort? Is Igor Vostrikov, who lost three children, wife, sister, there are someone to fear? Who is the authority? He is the authority. According to the Constitution and without it. But the government (local) says his eyes: “You PR”. I’d like to spit in the eye of the government, because Igor Vostrikov now no one is not terrible, at this price…

And propagandists… They poured out the soul, expressed the whole truth, nothing hidden. Im very sorry for the children. But here we go again — after the instruction that it’s time to soak those on the Internet called implausible numbers of victims. It’s time to soak…

A week goes by, another, the topic will go. Innocent victims will be remembered only by their relatives, friends. And experienced TV presenters, having been people, again, take up the old. America, Ukraine, Theresa may is waiting for you guys. Thank you and goodbye.

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