Test drive the most popular compact crossover in the Russian market

At the end of last year the Korean crossover Hyundai Creta sold in our country, a record run of more than 55 000 copies and won the title in the best selling SUV on the Russian market. So that hitherto unsinkable Renault Duster is now going to cost a lot of efforts to regain the lead. And here’s why.

Photo: courtesy MANUFACTURER

To stimulate the already growing sales of its new products Koreans befriends a younger version of “Crete”, equipped with the 1.6-liter engine, all-wheel drive. Thanks to a new modification of the crossover has everything else and has fallen in price almost on 200 000 roubles. Probably the guys from competing companies are now enlisting a therapist. Indeed, they have reason to be nervous — such a proposal, given the incredible number of useful options, which is literally crammed with a model on the market in fact no other offer all the “tasty buns” for a lot of money.

Of course, fans of French “rogues” you can say that the same “Duster” cheaper, “restorage” crawls quite well. I agree, but don’t forget the somewhat outdated “Renesmee” units — where they “Krestovsky” 120 with a little horsepower. Besides pensive four-stage “automatic” for a vigorous six-speed automatic gearbox the machine can not keep up at all.

Photo: courtesy MANUFACTURER

No, I didn’t forget about top 143-horsepower French engine, but do the math yourself, how many more have to pull out of her purse for all sorts of pleasures of life, which stocked the version with this engine? Again: there are a lot more interesting will be the proposal of Korean 150 “horses”.

But how does on the go all-wheel drive “Kret” with a base power unit? It is clear that engineers had to Tinker with the settings of the engine and optimize it for transmission operation, which is based on coupling with locking.

Scheme 4WD are familiar to us by Santa Fe and other Tucson: the torque distribution along the axes — 50: 50, and a good geometry of the body coupled with quite short overhangs, crossover (the angle of entry is 21, the angle of the Congress — 28) do not cause fear in the conquest of the next gully to sit on the belly, it is necessary to work hard. Of course, planting machine legs up not working, but you’ve got to remember that Creta is not a “Rover”, and the usual urban “SUV”, albeit with the makings of an SUV.

Photo: courtesy MANUFACTURER

I must say that during the test drive the car your correspondent had a chance to ride and the muddy from the recent snowfall the track and hills with a 35 degree climbs, and mudding is traditionally encountered along the way to the cottage. But nowhere, even on soft ground, rolled, tractors fields, “citizen” was not overawed.

Yes, in some areas it seemed that the crossover’s going to bury in mud and overheating the clutch, will send a “steering” the tractor. However, it is hard rocking and tormented in smoothly, “Korean” dutifully overcame all the off-road obstacles.

It is noteworthy that in automatic mode the rear axle, if necessary, connects almost instantly, without forcing the front wheels hurl to grind the surface. No doubt — compulsory all-wheel drive crossover feels confident, as indeed the driver himself.

Where I did not get pass the barriers slowly and gently, so as not to catch the “diagonally” and doesn’t jolt recently eaten lunch, had to take the obstacle course. The main thing — do not overdo it with speed, because after 30 km/h blocking without warning will shut down. However, the indicator Lock will continue deceiving lit on the dashboard.

As for the thrust of the 1.6 litre engine, for a moderate drive it more than enough, but a protracted overtaking on the highway will have to plan ahead, spinning the motor at 6000 rpm. Of course, with a manual transmission on the six steps the machine more flexible — however, you can play the revs, switching the automatic transmission in manual mode. It is encouraging that “Korean” is not kozlit on the gully, confident line and his “bagel” is not plagued by vibrations during the passage of the next pothole or speed bump.

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