The teacher of the burnt class of Tradescape accused that she survived

More recently, the village treshevsky not indicated on the maps of the Kemerovo region. If there was such a place. Now the whole country knows. Six pyateklasnicy, the students of local schools, were burned to death in the cinema, shopping centre, “Winter cherry”. We learned what living in the village after the tragedy, the survivors why the teacher is afraid to leave the house and who actually have lost “niece” Tatiana Governor Tuleyev.

From Kemerovo to the village creshevsky – hour drive. Fifth grade student of school №1 traveled on Sunday to the city for much longer. Shaking at regular unheated bus-harmonica. The school has no funds for their own transport. In the village for children nothing.

Creshevsky is one Central street, which is now turned into a skating rink, and several hundred houses. Residents not more than a thousand. Every family of 2-4 children. And all would be well, but that’s only entertainment for young people in difficulty.

Of the proposed entertainment events – Saturday disco and clubs in the House of culture. Here only children there some reason rarely check.

From the side of the building looks dead, abandoned. Although there is still a glimmer of life.

photo: Irina Bobrova
The house of culture.

I met Director of the club. The fourth day she was here alone. After the tragedy the people in Tradescom tries not to go outside. And the House of culture and is bypassed. How can this be fun?

– Come to work and sit all day – sigh companion. – A village plunged into mourning. Such silence was never here.

Please show what the kids were doing in the House of culture.

– For entertainment we only have the mugs – still a woman.

We pass in the hall. Climb the creaky wooden stage. It props – three chairs with tattered upholstery and table.

– This is our only room, no other, here we have is acting, shows the possession of the owner.

Cinema no?

– Once was. Closed. Unprofitable, he said.

– How much you give money for the maintenance of the club?

– Subsidies allocated to electricity, water and heating. More money on what is not allowed. So props for performances update can’t. The costumes are 50 years old.

– What mugs do you have?

– Choreography and vocals.

For choreography, you need a separate room?

– No. Here on the stage and engaged girls.

– Discos spend?

– On Saturdays do pay disco. Entrance 50 rubles. Biggest day was March 8 – 1500 rubles. The money went to the needs of the club. More steel for the concerts our children 30 rubles from the audience to take, in order to survive. It is all our income.

photo: Irina Bobrova
It involved students. The money is allocated only for utility needs.

The Director of welling tears in his eyes.

– Here I am sitting and scratching their heads: what if I tell you, here to check fire inspection was coming? We have in fact in case of fire alarms no. And to put on that. No money has been issued. Last time 7 years ago, all the savings were invested in the repair of the ceiling that could fall.

The building really requires a major overhaul. It is not surprising that children are uncomfortable.

– All right, – read my mind club Director. We therefore, carry our children in Kemerovo, to at least somewhere to have fun. I also each year, your members deduce. But now will never go. And who, now their children will go? So let the content of our kids circus performance – once a year we come the clowns. And sometimes bring a movie screen and show the cartoons.

Go out on the street. Not a soul. Even the store people are not.

– After the tragedy, the buyers were less likely to look, – tells the saleswoman private shops. And if you go, then quickly ran out, not to empty conversations.

Ask, identified whether the parents of Tradescape my girls.

– No one identified any of the dead – sigh. From girls there’s nothing left. Three weeks should be ready the results of the DNA analysis. Everyone is waiting for. Afraid, and suddenly nothing will come? Burial will be nobody?

The store comes a woman with a boy of ten years. We chatted with her about life in Tradescom after the tragedy.

– As for the teacher who left the kids alone (Oksana Evseeva – “MK”). In its relation to the city is divided into two camps. I now it is not something that the hand will not stretch, did not even look in her direction. She had to stay with the girls until the end, to save them. If he were a hero. It is now in the eyes of the parents of the victims to watch? It is therefore the house of the nose does not seem. Say, is going to leave the village, the school will not return.

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Asked whether it was true in the district so bad with the cultural events that the parents have to take children to and from Kemerovo to shopping malls?

Bad is an understatement. Before the election of the Chairman of the children built a swing and one slide, before the Playground was not. We have no pharmacy what are you talking about? Entertainment for children in summer swimming in the ponds, still ride bicycles on the same street back and forth. How long could you ride? In winter there is longing. There is no light, save. Two lanterns for the whole village. Outside the children can not get out – falls to the waist in snow. The street, no one cleans.

After the tragedy the parents of the victims of Tradescape promised that it will come to Tuleyev. The school baked cakes. Waited for the honoured guest. No one came. Then the villagers naively preparing for the arrival of Putin. Again by.

photo: Irina Bobrova

– We, too, with his grandson was going that day in Kemerovo to go – continues the interviewee. In the village of handing out coupons for 900 rubles. There were all the fun in the “Winter cherry” from morning to evening, plus a movie. But we couldn’t, I had to get out in the barn.

– Tuleyev expressed condolences to the parents of her niece, Tanya Kurczewski, who died in a fire?

– Throw you. Well, what she was his niece. The deceased girl has him almost second cousin’s granddaughter. He’s never seen her. He has such relatives in the Kuzbass is full, – the woman speaks. – If seen in which they live, then they would immediately understand that Tuleyev they have virtually no relationship.


Go to school №1 where he studied the dead. She was the only one in the village.

Near the entrance – flowers, toys, candles. On the ground floor – pictures of girls on the tray – mount candy, cookies. In row six bars of chocolate.

The parents of the victims after the tragedy, the school did not go.

Now all bad: parents and burned the girls, and those who serendipitously survived, says the school cook. – I mean teacher, which is almost blamed for the death of children. Understand, she is a decent teacher, every holiday, with children left the village on trips, often paid for it.

photo: Irina Bobrova
Typical landscape in local stores.

If she quits, it will be a loss for the school. It is because we have taught chemistry, biology, geography, labor Union he headed. All Woe, and the victims need to find the extreme, has not yet found the real culprit. In Tradescom did the extreme one that has left the children in the cinema, and she went with her parents to the cafe.

Get out of school. At the memorial in front of a boy. Introduced himself: “Sergei, I’m 12 years old, I went with the dead girls in the same class”. And continued: “you Know, I too had to go. But my grandmother did not let go. And extra money was not. She said either new shoes or a trip.

And the boots I really needed, a very old worn out”.

I hugged him, “Kid, you’re lucky you didn’t have boots.”

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