Tobolsk officials paid for the Banquet on the day of national mourning

Employees of the municipality of Tobolsk district reprimanded after the scandal with the Banquet held on the day of national mourning for the victims of the fire in the Kemerovo TC “Winter cherry”. The decree was signed by the head of the municipality Yuri butt.

photo: Oleg fochkin

As reported by Ural news Agency on March 28, employees of the Tobolsk regional centre of culture noted their professional holiday Banquet at one of the restaurants of the city.

Day corporate event coincided with the day of mourning declared in Russia in connection with the death of people in a fire in Kemerovo. The Manager of the institution claimed that the move feast customers did not even try.

The Director of the cultural centre Rimma Bisina outlined a different version of events. Bisina told that her subordinate called the restaurant at the beginning of the day and tried to cancel the Banquet, but the school refused. “They too can understand, their products have gone, and we have the money,” she added.

The head of the Tobolsk district Yuri butt also tried to stand up for his subordinates, saying that “dances on the bones was not”, and the Banquet was booked in advance, reports “RBC Tyumen”. “Most of the people that were there, had lunch and left. But I think, just had to walk,” he said.

Butt stressed that professional holiday in restaurant celebrates librarians and employees of houses of culture, and officials there were not. However, the head of the district reprimanded his Deputy for social Affairs Marat Bakiyev and the head of Department on Affairs of culture of Anatolia Following. Also got reprimanded by the Director of the Tobolsk district cultural centre Rimma Bisina.

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