“Gazprom will classify participants in their procurement

– New statutory provisions on procurement of “Gazprom” will allow the company not to disclose the participants and winners of competitive procedures should be the updated document, which the company announced on its website.

The Board of Directors of “Gazprom” on March 19, 2018 once again renewed its corporate purchasing policy. According to the document, the organizer of the purchase assigns to the participant ID number, which is later used in the purchase – without specifying names (for legal entities), full name (for natural persons) and address of location.

As reported, in December the state Duma adopted the law on regulation of information disclosure on the activities of private individuals and legal entities. the Document was “designed to protect the constitutional order, rights and legitimate interests of citizens and legal entities, ensure the defense and security of the Russian Federation, including to ensure guaranteed financial support of the state contracts under the state defense order and unconditional payments on contracts in the framework of military-technical cooperation,” he said in the explanatory note to the document.

Rules will not apply to General cases of information disclosure by public companies, they are associated only with specific situations to be determined by the normative act of the government, told “Interfax” in the end of last year, a source in one of the financial-economic departments.

Then the government of the Russian Federation the beginning of a “temporary” documents to close certain aspects related to the operations of public companies. In particular, in November the government signed a decree according to which Russian state-owned company received the right to temporarily, until July 1, 2018, not to introduce in the contracts register information about the suppliers and their subcontractors.

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