“Seven countries have submitted bids for the winter Olympics 2026

– Seven countries have applied to host the winter Olympic games in 2026, reports Insidethegames.biz.

The Olympics expect of Graz and Slamming (Austria), Milan and Turin (Italy), calgary (Canada), Erzurum (Turkey), Sapporo (Japan), Sion (Switzerland) and Stockholm (Sweden).

“Within six months of participating countries should provide detailed information in their applications”, – said the resource. The capital of the winter Olympics will be announced in September 2019 at the IOC session in Milan.

In 2018 Winter Olympic games held in South Korea’s Pyeongchang in 2022 they will be held in Beijing.

Meanwhile, Sapporo hosted the winter Olympics in 1972, calgary – 1988, Turin in 2006-m in Stockholm In 1912 held the summer Olympics.

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