“The head of Federation of wrestling considered a breach of the obligations in non-issuance of athletes from Russia visa in USA

– The United States, as the host country of the world Cup on free-style wrestling, is obliged to issue visas to the Russian team, despite all the difficulties during the interview in the Embassy in Russia, told “Interfax” the President of Federation of wrestling of Russia Mikhail Mamiashvili.

Спорт28 Mar 2018МИД of the Russian Federation expressed outrage over the non-issuance of U.S. visas to Russian sportsmedicine read more

“I was surprised to read today in the newspaper review of the Deputy Ambassador of the United States. Honestly, I don’t know why such naive things people say at this level. It turns out that if the Russian team would be given a visa, but someone from the ordinary citizens in line (for a visa), would wait even longer…” – Mamiashvili told.

“I have the deepest respect for the representative of this great state, as the United States, but there are obligations which are voluntarily assumed by the state during any major sporting event: it security, technical issues, including transport, accommodation and meals. In the application of the country all agreed with this all agreed, shook hands. At the forefront always put the interests of athletes”, – said the President of the Federation.

“Never had anything like that from the Russian side. Can’t imagine that the teams of Denmark, Germany, Ukraine or Bulgaria would have been in that situation. Whatever relationship was not, we welcome everyone with open arms. We are working with the foreign Ministry, which always goes to a meeting on the agreements and commitments that we undertake. Without coordination with the foreign Ministry we bid book is not ready. Just like they (U.S. – if). We have to assume such a situation is simply impossible”, – he added.

Mamiashvili noted that the current situation will negatively affect the image of Federation of wrestling of the USA.

“Most worryingly, it has all the prestige of Federation of wrestling of the United States, the attractiveness of the world Cup and the hype that always causes the presence of the national team of Russia because of its status and its athletes. The Federation of wrestling of the USA, of course, did everything possible, they have sent letters to the relevant departments, but, unfortunately, did not help,” – said the head of Federation of wrestling of Russia.

“The world Cup – a team championship, the only event in the calendar year wrestlers, when the country is the team, the result depends on each score or fight. Here it is interesting to check not only accomplished wrestlers that have passed the crucible of combat command a higher intensity, which is present at the Olympic games or world and European Championships, but the young guys that have earned the right to get into the team on the results of the competition within the country. It would be interesting there to see how they are ready for greater challenges, check out team spirit, this remarkable world Cup,” he said.

“This situation at this stage deprives the head coach the opportunity to get a real analysis of what is happening in the near reserve, with which he will come out on selection for the Olympic games. But we will do import substitution, everything will be fine,” he added.Mamiashvili.

Earlier it was reported about the difficulties of issuing visas to members of the national team of Russia on free-style wrestling world Cup, which will be held in Iowa city (USA) from 5 to 9 April.

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