“The President of the Russian Paralympic Committee has nominated for a new term

– The candidacy of the incumbent President of the Russian Paralympic Committee (RCC), Vladimir Lukin nominated for re-election.

“Today was held a conference of the Moscow organization of the RCC, it unanimously nominated for another term as President of the RCC for the next four years,” he said.Lukin on Friday, “Interfax”.

According to him, the Moscow organization explained its decision by the fact that the Paralympic movement is experiencing a difficult period in the midst of history in the restoration of the membership of the RCC in the International Paralympic Committee, and the current leadership of the RCC has accumulated extensive experience and should continue in this direction.

Lukin reported that the Moscow organization was nominated for re-election and the first Vice-President Pavel Rozhkov RCC Secretary General and RCC Andrew Strokina.

The reporting-election conference of the RCC, where the President will be elected and the organization’s leadership for the next four years, will be held April 26 in Podolsk, said Lukin. Candidates for President of the RCC can be extended to 6 April.

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