“The RFU has called on players to refuse the hookah, drugs, and exotic tea

In addition, athletes call “in any case, not to use remedies to reduce weight” and recommend to carefully approach the choice of meat

Photo: TASS, Egor Aleev

– The Russian football Union (RFU) has encouraged domestic players to carefully approach the choice of food, medicines and strongly recommends not to use drugs.

Memo with recommendations published in the Twitter of the RFU.

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“We are proud of the Russian players in the last four years there was not a single positive doping test! It is very important to remain absolutely clean. To do this, players must remember: for all that is in the body, responsible only to them!” the message reads that precede the recommendations.

In particular, the RFU encourages players to “remember that very often (up to 25% of cases) on the label sports nutrition are not all contained substance”.

In addition, players are encouraged to “look certificates for all meat imported from South America and China: it may contain clenbuterol”.

These include the items relating to bad habits: “not Smoking”; “under no circumstances not to use drugs”. In addition, athletes recommend “not to use exotic teas”.

Players calling “in any case not to use the resources for weight loss: they often contain banned diuretics and stimulants that are not listed on the label”.

RFU reminds us that “every sixth drug in a regular pharmacy is prohibited for an athlete”. All appointments are advised to inform the doctor of the team (“if any”). It is also noted that some doubt as to whether these or other drugs to the use of a professional athlete can be dissipated via the website of the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA).

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