At the Moscow art theatre played the first premiere without Oleg Tabakov

In the Moscow art theatre. A. P. Chekhov celebrated the 150th anniversary of the birth of Maxim Gorky’s staging of Mikhail Durnenkov “the Sun rises”. Just at this time the country was off in the last journey of the dead in Kemerovo, and performance Director Victor Ryzhakov came on the scene, said the right words. This year at the Moscow art theatre is marked by Gorky, and there decided to “read the play”. This was the first performance, released after the departure of Oleg Tabakov.

The curtain opens. On stage — the facade of the Art theatre, and in front of him — sitting at the table “founders” headed by Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko. It seems that revives one of the famous group photos of the time.

Play Michael Durnenkov based on documents and memoirs of contemporaries, it 58 actors and nothing fictional. On the scene almost the entire cast, and it is impossible not to notice what she is mixed: from the colorful Eugene Fed, who came to the Moscow art theatre of Kemerovo “Boxes” to fine the master of psychological theater, Sergey Sosnovsky, invited from Saratov. There are many young and sometimes quite bland artists. In the Assembly of the characters stands out, Bulgakov Maxim Matveyev, appearing in a matter of minutes. Here we have yet another “Theatrical novel”, but another author. Not Bulgakov.

“The sun rises” is a story not only about the old Mat, but also about the present, torn by emotions and contradictions after the death of its leader and the appointment of the new, and the threshold is not crossed, but was subjected to anathema. Much of what spectator reads, the producer is not laid. The play gained new meanings, than good.

Men in black under umbrellas approaching groups. The scene is still breathing farewell with Tabakov. Marina Zudina tragic eyes watching in the dark room. Her eyes filled with tears. She played Knipper-Chekhov, which is destined to celebrate the life of Anton Pavlovich, to say heavy monologue about his departure, empty bed, waiting for her in the house after the death of a spouse… it Seems that the actress is about to collapse, but it passes its role to the end, with a trembling grief his chin. This scene was a strong test for everyone.

Stalin performed by Alexander Bourkovski — tunic, but without the portrait of a grim — drinking tea, stirring sugar in a glass comb. Valery Troshin plays Lenin almost literally, using characteristic gestures, grumbling voice. There is no absolute similarity, but Lenin is perceived as “original” in a series of other characters vaguely resembling their prototypes. Output Krupskaya Svetlana Kolpakova was escorted glowing letters of her name. It’s like clue, without which many of the characters are not identified. Faithful companion of Lenin once wrote that overly theatrical play “the lower depths” at the Moscow art theatre long made Lenina forget the way to the theatre. The great proletarian writer, the leader of the world proletariat loved.

The main couple is bitter and its civil wife and the Art theater actress Maria Andreeva — played guest star: Igor Gordin from Mtousa and Kseniya Rappoport from the St. Petersburg Maly drama theater. They are very different people, separate from all and from each other, what, in fact, sought Victor Ryzhakov. Expansive Andreeva stumbles upon a detachment of bitter. In a restrained performance Gordin “bosyatsky chieftain” as if something shy. Only one actor will simulate funny ocaña bitter, let color. In a letter to Chekhov Alexey Maximovich will compare the theatre, Tretyakov gallery and Saint Basil’s Cathedral, but then everything goes complicated scenario. In the early twentieth century performances of his plays, something unimaginable happened. The audience could flee in a panic, the officers opened fire, taking the theatrical extras for the real thugs… And how the perceived appropriation of the theatre named after Maxim Gorky — a separate song that gave rise to Parallels with the modern section of the Moscow art Theater, the second half which has remained with this name. In the head spin recent events, remember the “Philistines”, directed by Kirill Serebrennikov. He recently put the same evening in honor of Stanislavsky, and is now under house arrest.

Care for Chekhov followed the death of Lenin, and then and beloved son Maxim, buckled bitter. Performed by Artem Volobueva is a crazy guy in a modern t-shirt floral print Capri dreaming about the Soviet Union, where he will have a car. He is from our time, and there is a magnet.

Stanislavsky ironic and delicately played by Anatoly Bely. Nemirovich Igor Vernik accidentally or intentionally turned a caricature.Who is here — Nabokov, Merezhkovsky, Radek, Kachalov, Bruce, just the Viewer, the characters of the plays by Gorky “the lower depths” and “Philistines” Ashes and Vasilisa, Neal and Fields. Neil performed by Artem Bystrov — a “fool” like his character in the movie “Fool” Yuri Bykov. He cuts the truth-womb to break his neck, not proving anything to anyone. Someone from actors — in sneakers and almost in the tibia. They seemed to have appeared from the street in spite of masters, who bequeathed never to go on stage that are in everyday life.

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