Details of the murder of Director of a network of vaping shops: tried to squeeze the business

The brutal murder of the owner of a chain vaping shops Alexander Baeva uncovered employees of the Moore. A man killed two former subordinates — they strangled the businessman in the office, and then buried the corpse in Tomlinson Park.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As it became known “MK”, the first alarm sounded roommate, 32-year-old merchant. March 21, Alexander did not return home from work and the phone was unavailable. A friend telephoned friends and colleagues of Alexander, but no one really clarified the situation could not. The assistant remembered that day, March 21, Alexander planned to go to the warehouse on ulitsa Bolshaya Semenovskaya (where the firm stores the products). But here Baeva was not. On 22 March, the woman wrote a statement about a missing person. She explained to the investigators that the enemies of Alexander was not, he was loved and respected, and where has he gone — just a mystery.

At first, the police made a request at his residence Baeva in the suburban Roshal — you never know, the man decided suddenly to visit relatives. But as it turned out, the businessman was a fake check in the so-called “rubber” apartment. Then investigators went to the warehouse on Bolshaya Semyonovskaya, drew attention to the broken chair in the Manager’s office and became suspicious. Next were viewed the camera, which lit up two suspicious cars. Thus, the police came to the criminals — 27-summer Sergey and 38-year-old Paul. They confessed to the murder and partly revealed the motive.

Both the villain previously worked at a chain vaping shops, Sergei — seller, and Paul the driver, and quit about a year ago. Bais complained to colleagues that he was lazy, he was offered another position, but he chose to leave the organization. All the past year, Sergei and Pavel could not find themselves in the profession and, according to colleagues, may have wanted to press the former chief of the business (or at least part). Other cause of the massacre subordinates the merchant is not you see, Alexander didn’t keep in touch with former employees. And Sergei and Paul became friends on the love of Motorsport — both avid motorcyclists, members of the motorcycle club “Free birds”.

Now detainees convince the investigators that he did not want to kill the merchant, but only to scare. Paul is described as a hardened man (he, by the way, the Catholic faith), Sergey weak in spirit. At the first investigative actions they spoke and showed where he buried the body of the former chief. The funeral will take the friend as other Alexander relatives (aunt and sister) live in Ukraine.

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