Secret poisoning of the animals Skrypali: sister Julia told about the will

The daughter of a Russian spy Sergei Skripal, poisoned with his father in London, is on the mend. Her condition as the doctors say, is improving every day. This news should cause joy in the capitals of the two States. The British police believes that Julia Skripal will shed light on the mysterious poisoning, resoruce Russia with all of Europe. The same hopes nourish and Russian law enforcement authorities (in fact the attempt on the lives of Russians TFR opened a case).

But there is one who waits for recovery women completely disinterested. “MK” has already talked about the unenviable fate of a dog named Julia Noir. Mistress put a dog in a hotel before leaving for London, but paid for the stay of the pet is long overdue. He was not driven out only by the good will of the owners of Tooele. We went to see film Noir with cousin Julia Victoria Skripal.

photo: Leo Speransky

Victoria waiting. The fate of the dog her cousin Julia Skripal.

We race in the direction of Podolsk. Almost all of the rear seat was occupied by a huge dog carrier. Victoria was ready to take on the responsibility of pet Julia. However, she soon will travel to England to settle his sister.

— Had no one. The closest relative Sripala is the mother of Sergey Viktorovich. She was 90 years old and she lives with me. Cousin Elena Skripal in Primorye, but she because this whole story had serious problems.

— What?

Victoria shows a document — warning Elena Skripal about the need to move out of the premises.

— She lived there for seven years as a civilian, and nobody’s touched it. The apartment is registered two minor children (2011 and 2014 birth documents are at the disposal of edition. — Approx. ed.). And now, when it became known about the scandal and about the fact that Elena Skripal, a relative of Sergey and Yulia, they were asked to move out.

The British side stated that a visit to the poisoned Skrobala possible, but none of the relatives did not wish. When you have decided that you are ready to go to Salisbury?

— It’s all lies and political games. On March 5, I called both embassies (Britain and Russia). Phone records I have. First at all I was kicked, and our diplomats ask to confirm the relationship. I sent them about 15 documents: birth certificate, marriage certificate… In this case communicate with me personally by Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko.

— So you must have the most current information about the status of your family.

Yes you are, this information is not even competent authorities. The last thing became known to me from our diplomats, that’s what Julia opened her eyes, ate, drank and even managed to say a few words. From them I also know that our foreign Ministry a total of sent UK 68 notes! To provide information about interaction requests but all in vain…

— Are there any forecasts?

— If you really poisoned them with nerve gas, then the forecasts are bad. But against this version there are arguments. Could happen anything you like up to food poisoning. Julia more of a chance — age, health, and Sergei Viktorovich diabetes don’t even know how the doctors will bring him out of the coma.

— At what stage the preparation for the trip?

— Monday morning the passport would be ready, and on the same day, I would apply for a visa. After my interview with the European media I was contacted by a representative of the British foreign office and asked immediately to report the number of the application to expedite the visa issuance process.

— What do you expect from the trip?

— The minimum program is to get to them. Once doctors confirm that Yulia will not be contraindicated flights, try to take her to Russia. Imagine, she even no insurance. The uncle Seryozha, I am afraid I will not give up, he is their citizen. But I will try to take and it is my program max.

photo: Leo Speransky
Behind this door, hiding Noir

The delegation was met by the head of the canine center Anton. He began by apologizing for the precautions, penyaya attention after the material in the “MK”.

— To me already and the journalists came, and volunteers. Everyone wants to pick up the dog when in the neighborhood there are many animals that would be happy to find the owners. Because of this keen interest, my subordinates do not talk on the phone about what dog we have in the hotel, said the Director.

On the door to 12-foot room Noir hangs a sign with a different name. Room for the blind was assigned to a foundling named Mitis. According to the Director, this is done in case someone will try to penetrate to the center. He opened the door of a temporary home for the dog, and through a crack of the resin pet happily began to wag his tail when he saw the guests. Making sure that the Noir all right, we went to the office of the Director of Tooele. But he politely refused to give pet Victoria even a receipt. Anton was adamant but promised to put to a four-legged individual employee and told the guests that the dog had already paid.

Who is this mysterious stranger? — we asked Victoria at the exit of the dog training center.

I do not know. Maybe the boyfriend of Yulia showed up and did it on purpose, so I took film Noir. I do find it very strange. We once, in 2013, stopped by Julia. She still lived with him at his father’s place at the Autumn Boulevard. So he came to us, never said Hello. This young man is like a phantom. After it happened, he did “meow” he said.

— You have stated that he or his family might know something about the poisoning. You still hold this opinion?

— Well, if not to take into account policy, at the forefront of home version. In 2016, we in the Yaroslavl came Sasha (deceased son Skripal. — Approx. ed.) and Julia. Son Sergey was shown pictures of Anna, saying he loved her. Julia also said that she goes to the wedding, but not particularly spread about his choice. According to her, his mother took the daughter of a spy. He also knew her schedule, when and where will she go with her father that on March 1 they will go to cemetery, then to the pub. British media wrote that the school witnesses saw Julia handed him a box. This gift could be from him? There is another fact, of which nobody knows. In late February, Julia received the power of attorney from Sergey Viktorovich, to have had the opportunity to dispose of a secret about her deceased brother, Alexander, inherited his father.

photo: Leo Speransky
The dog missed the hostess

— What is this account?

— After divorce with Natalia she paid him his share of 200 thousand dollars, and he saved them. The money is in the Russian Bank.

— And do you know who met Yulia in England? Earlier it was reported that it was Sergei Skripal, and the taxi driver.

— No, it’s not a taxi driver. This is a close friend of Sergey Viktorovich. He’s an Englishman, they worked together, and he always welcomed guests at the request of the uncle Seryozha.

Do you know anything more about this friend?

They were on friendly terms families. They have a daughter studying in France, and the last time uncle Seryozha about them mention of Christmas eve. This family has invited Sergey Lavrov to visit on holiday.

— Shed light on the personal life of Sergei Skripal. It was reported that he had a certain passion.

— This is ridiculous! Uncle Sergei was very fond of his wife. He besides lyudochka called. Remember how he went behind her and asked to give birth to a daughter. And when there was Julia, the first thing he said, “Lyuda, I love you because you gave me such beautiful children!” To fifty to live in love with one woman and then find another? Don’t believe it.

And still smoke without fire. Maybe someone from the family took over his woman?

— Most of all, I am inclined to think that it could be Svetlana from Kaliningrad. But it’s his girlfriend, not the lady. My wife’s uncle Serezha had a brother and this is his daughter. Her husband died and she returned to England at least once a year. I know about three visits to his uncle Sergei. Sergey told me on the phone, they say, will arrive she asks, borscht Navarro…

Someone else could take over the passion Skripal?

— There is another woman named Nelly. Have you seen the photo from the social networks, where there are Julia, a woman of small stature with a kind and Sergey? So it could be her. Nellie was a leading gynecologist in the Soviet Union. When Sergey was a diplomat, he was in charge of medicine. So I met her. Her husband is also a doctor and died, too. I know that she came to uncle Sergei.

Sergei Skripal, his daughter Julia and her friend Nellie. Photo: social networks

— And who else supported the communication Skrypali?

— Lyudmila maintained communication with her friends — wives of former colleagues of Sergey Viktorovich. They were all widows, after all, the profession leaves its mark. And those who communicated well himself Sergey Viktorovich, did not turn away from him, after his release, he all friends invited to England to visit.

— What do you think about the latest version of the poisoning in the house?

— Nonsense. First, there doesn’t to get. Second, if they were poisoned there, what happened to the animals? They had a cat Masyanya from Russia and another from a shelter. Then, Sasha and Julia went for food to the pet store and bought two lovely Guinea pigs. Well, the cats could run away, but the pigs had to find dead in the cage after the poisoning. It has no data.

— You are aware of the location of the rooms in the house and a list of seized property from home?

— Know that the garage has been converted into his office. On the first floor was the dining room. And on the second three bedrooms. Sergey, when he was alone, all on the second floor was not raised. And reportedly seized a keyboard, mouse and pen from the door. All this does not fit in the common rut. I hope I will be able to understand something there on the spot.

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