“SKA defeated CSKA equalized in the semifinal series of the Gagarin Cup

Hockey players SKA St. Petersburg victory over CSKA Moscow in the second match of the 1/2 final of the Gagarin Cup Continental hockey League (KHL).

The meeting, held in St. Petersburg on Saturday, ended with the score 2:0 in favour of SKA.

This result allowed the St. Petersburg team to equalize in the series (up to four victories) – 1:1. The first meeting, held on ice SKA on Thursday, ended with the victory of CSKA – 5:4.

The next game in this series will be held April 2 in Moscow.

SKA is the current holder of the Gagarin Cup. This trophy, he won a total of twice. For CSKA the highest achievement is reaching the final.

And the score is equal!
Now in Moscow! #SACSC pic.twitter.com/1TefETdyFI

— KHL (@khl) March 31, 2018

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