Sukhumi film festival: “Lemonade Joe” from Abkhazia will appreciate Melikyan and Puskepalis

2 APR in Abkhazia Sukhum opened the first international film festival. It was organized by their local, what is valuable and not stopping Moscow team, as is often the case. So far they are limited in the competition of short feature films from 10 to 30 minutes.

A scene from the movie “Thank you grandpa for the Victory”. Photo: kinopoisk

Issued the call, and received nearly four thousand submissions from young filmmakers from Abkhazia, North Caucasus, India, USA, UK, Europe and many other countries. Initially it was planned to take forty of them. Festival artistic Director and screenwriter Zanda Kakalia initially stated that the balance of power will be: 15 foreign films, 25 from CIS, Russia, separately having allocated the countries of the Caucasus, included in this quota. But in the end was limited to the 32 paintings from Russia, Iran, Morocco, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Uzbekistan, Tunisia, Hungary, great Britain, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and South Korea. Abkhazia will present the films “my name is Mihas” and “lemonade Joe”.

Director Ilona Harcke meet at the festival for external relations, said: “Positioning our festival at various sites, we can mention Abkhazia as a country, highlighting its location. It is important that the participants know that it is Abkhazia”. Set condition: the Director or another member of the crew must personally present his film at the festival. Otherwise, the organizers reserve the right to refuse his participation in the contest.

The jury consisted of film Director Anna Melikian (chair), filmmaker and Director of film Studio “Abhaspeln” Vyacheslav ablotia, actor and Director Sergei Puskepalis, living in the Caucasus in Sochi, Director, and teacher of VGIK, Vladimir Fenchenko, producer Elena Glikman and Director Michael Mestetskiy. Among the guests were the actors ravshana Kurkova, Denis Shvedov, actor, Director and producer Alexander tyutryumov. In addition to competitive and non-competitive screenings will be held “round tables” that have for aspiring filmmakers applied nature. Director Nigina Sayfullaeva will speak on the topic: “Working with an actor: from audition to the site”. Michael Mestetsky will reveal the secrets of drama short films.

The festival opens in the Russian drama theatre. Fazil Iskander, located in the heart of the city on the Black sea. After the ceremony, will show the film “Thank you grandpa for the Victory” Teimuraz Tania, filmed in Abkhazia, in particular on the waterfront of Sukhum.

Probably more or less enlightened the audience immediately recall the film “Winter evening in Gagra” by Karen Shakhnazarov, who also filmed here. Soviet filmmakers love to come to these edges, as the nature of grace, it is possible to work all year round. Gregory Aleksandrov was filming “Funny guys” in Gagra. In order for cows and goats could eat the furniture, I had to make it out of macaroni and straw. Igor Maslennikov filmed some scenes of “the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson” Gega waterfall, and Leonid Menaker “Testament Professor Douelya” – in New Athos. Almost all of the film adaptation of the prose of Fazil Iskander connected with Abkhazia. In “the Feasts of Belshazzar or Night with Stalin” by Yuri Kara in the frame was the Sukhumi theater, which now will be held the ceremony of opening and closing of the festival. Nikolay Dostal shot “of the Little giant of big sex” is also in Sukhum. In 2016, the pupil of Alexander Sokurov, Kira Kovalenko, arrived in Abkhazia, they understood that their debut film “Sofijka” eponymous work of Fazil Iskander will be able to do only in the Abkhaz language, and invited local actors.

One day the festival will present films of the Abkhazian filmmakers on short stories by their fellow countryman – the writer and playwright Micah Lakrba, past the Great Patriotic war, depicting in his works the pre-revolutionary life of the people and his life in the Soviet years.

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