“Valuev’s chances Povetkin to succeed in the battle with the price

He expressed “Interfax” the view that Povetkin was awarded the victory on points

Boxer Nikolai Valuev, the Deputy of the State Duma expert “Rating Bookmakers,” said Russian Alexander Povetkin the favorite in the battle against Brit David price.

On 31 March in Cardiff will be held the evening of Boxing, in which the next bout will hold the ex-world champion in the heavyweight Alexander Povetkin (33 wins, 1 loss). His opponent will be Briton David Price (22 wins, 4 defeats).

“The most important thing is not to forget about Jeb Briton, about his height, that he will try not to let Povetkin, although Sasha is perfectly able to do. Ivan Kirpa (personal trainer of Povetkin – if) from the beginning of their collaboration added gordosti that Sasha was during his Olympic career,” said Valuev, “Interfax”.

“Let’s wish good luck San, I am sure that he will win in later rounds. It is possible that the fight will still be on points, but I think it will be a victory for Alexander Povetkin,” said Valuev.

Bookmakers also think Povetkin the favorite of the battle. They estimate the probability of victory of the Russian ratio is 1.08. To put that wins the Price, with a coefficient of 9.7. The chances that the duel to end in a draw, the estimated coefficient 34,0.

Duel Views ⠀
🇷🇺Povetkin (33-1,23 KO’s) ⠀
🇬🇧Price (22-4,18 KO’s) ⠀
🗓31/03 📍Cardiff (Wales) ⠀
⏳Before the fight 2 of the day ⠀ #powercentric ⠀
📢Video stream: ⏳23:00
🔗 website https://t.co/VkH70G3SzQ pic.twitter.com/TKkDnSNciD

— All Boxing (@vsenabox) March 29, 2018

To bet that the fight will last all 12 rounds, with a factor of 5.5. To bet that the duel will end ahead of time, offered to 1.07.

Experts estimated coefficient of 1.19 chances Povetkin to win by knockout or disqualification or refusal of the opponent to continue the fight. To put that Russian boxer to win on points, with a coefficient of 6.0.

The probability of winning David price knockout estimated coefficient of 10.0. To bet on the success of the British on points it is possible for 30,0.

“The chances Povetkin to win is very high, the probability of triumph is about 87%. The chances of the price to be about 10%, while the draw is an unlikely outcome of the battle. The probability that the duel ends in a draw – about 3%,” – commented the expert “Rating Bookmakers,” Peter Kondakov.

The winner of the match will get the title of WBO international and WBA Intercontinental title and also the status of official candidate to fight the winner of the match between Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker.

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