Double murder in Moscow opened smell: Belarusian slash buddies with a knife

Three days it took investigators to uncover a double murder men and women in Pushkino. The suspect was a citizen of the Republic of Belarus, which lost together drank alcohol.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

As it became known “MK”, 30-year-old Igor came to Russia to work about three years ago. At home a man particularly employment not engaged — he is more practiced in committing petty theft, for which he was not convicted in his homeland. In the Metropolitan area of a migrant to find work and did not work and he was doing what worked as a labourer and collected non-ferrous metal. So he met with local residents, which led antisocial lifestyle. Over time, Igor became a regular in the apartment of the victims and enjoyed their unlimited confidence.

March 26 in the home of misfits began another spree, which this time ended in disaster. After a fair amount of alcohol of dubious quality between Igor and the residents of the apartment scandal. In the heat of anger guest grabbed a kitchen cleaver and began to shred his opponents. Then, when the owners of the apartment were not signs of life, laid their clothes on the bed, covered the blanket over his head and disappeared.

The body found the neighbor killed on March 29. She noticed that the apartment starts to smell and slum dwelling are seen for several days. She called the precinct. After it was tightened and an investigation group. Hot on the trail to solve a crime the police could not. They took three days. During the interrogation, the killer admitted his guilt and said that all bad memory of what happened. The investigators on this fact opened a criminal case under article “Murder of two or more persons,” the suspect is threatened by punishment up to 20 years in prison. Now he is in prison.

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